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This is about a friend of mine:

He is an older male - early 70's...
Has diabetes, high blood pressure, high colestrol.
Had previous minor stroke, also had prostate cancer; which was successful removed.

He (over the last few years) has become very inactive, and lethargic. Always making lots of grunts of pain, complains a lot, is basically very miserable because of his many problems. But I feel, he needs to try and perk up. He recently (well back in July) had a very bad cold, and was put on antibiotics from his family dr. and too was told to go to the hospital to be tested to see if it was something more. Being very stubborn, he dissagreed.
Now, he (a few days ago) decided to go back to his family dr. and was told he was very ill with, with signs of pneumonia and needed treatment. His breathing is rough, he has plem when he coughs, complains his sides, back and chest hurts. I understand him being miserable; but my even the nurses said he's one mean man!
So, he did go to the Emergency Room, and was diagnosed with pneumonia, and they also found in his left lung it to have fluid in it, and also that he has most (I don't know how many there are!!!! I am no lung specialist!) of his lymph nodes within/on his lungs very swollen. Today he had the fluid removed, he quoted it was brown and over a quart removed. They're testing that to see what it is within his time at the hosptial.
With all this in mind, does anyone have any feelings as to what he MAY/MIGHT have or what NEXT may occur?
He is a close friend, mere family, and all this has made him miserable, yet he does indeed burden himself to become more negative, anyone know what else...
This is a lot, and all I keep finding is stuff on PCP which isn't his case (I am aware that is an oppurtunistic infection via Hiv+)...and also Cancer comes up a lot. Anyone feel that Cancer could be a strong possibility?

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