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I have this frequent need to take a deep breath and to yawn. Often I can't complete the deep breath or the yawning and have to keep trying in order to feel well. I notice that when I drink some alcohol, I won't have the urge as much. This has been going on for years with periods of feeling normal but as I get older, those periods are becoming fewer. I'm very healthy and an active but I would really like to know what causes this. Does anybody else experiences this annoying condition?
I just found this forum tonight, as I've been having this air hunger problem and finally scheduled an appointment with a doctor. Although after reading this thread, and an older one on the subject, I almost feel like I shouldn't even go. I really don't have much trust in doctors (for as knowledgeable as they are, they almost never seem to know what's wrong- well at least with the people I know) and I really don't want to get on any medication either. But also I'm discouraged because I actually did go to my doctor- his assistant- for this problem earlier this year and it didn't help.

As far as I can remember, my problem - which is feeling like I can't get a deep enough breath - started January 4th. It was a stressful time and I got in a car accident. Nothing major, just a fender bender, and I doubt the very slight whiplash actually did anything too me - I'm pretty sure it was just my anxiety over the situation, and a fight with my husband because he took off without waiting for me and whatever....I was pretty upset and noticed after a couple hours I couldn't get a satisfactory breath. After a couple days of this, I went into the doctor, they ran some tests, x-rays or something, said everything was fine and it was probably just stress.

Well, I need to start keeping a journal! Because I really can't remember how often I've had this since then and now, but lately it's been pretty bad. And I notice the more I notice it, the worse it gets. It doesn't seem like I get it at work, while I'm busy and more pre-occupied. (I'm 24 by the way, average weight but not really exercising or eating right for awhile)

I'm glad you guys mentioned the burping thing though. This is totally new for me. It started two or three weeks ago at a movie theater. I can't remember what I did or ate or whatever earlier that day, but during the movie, I was in total torture. I felt like I really needed to burp and couldn't. The pressure and tightness - in my chest and throat maybe - were so, aggghh! So I finally somehow "taught" myself how to "make myself burp", and I was finally able to feel relief.......except then I couldn't stop!!!! And it's gone on like that, I get in these spells, where it's just burpburpburpburp burp! But it's weird. It's not like a normal burp. Not a food or drink kind of burp. Not anything I've ever had before. Their just...I don't know..air burps, and I'm kinda in control of them but kinda not. But they can be really loud and it's reallllllly grossing my husband out!

A few other things: I have had one or two bad cases of --heartburn? acid reflux? --lately, where my chest has been really tight.
Most people have spoken of yawning as a temporary relief of air hunger. Not with me, maybe it's because I can't make myself yawn so that never helps. Usually the only way I'm able to get a deep breath is if I hunch my shoulders forward, rounding my back, bracing my hands on my thighs and breathing in deeply while kindof straightening up....

I also seem to have some throat issues. I'm a petite person with a small neck - so maybe a smaller throat?- I don't know. And I have a very large chest for my size...this couldn't be related anyhow to the breathing problems?? I probably need to take breathing lessons. I totally avoid running because it burns and swells my throat so bad. I've also begun to wonder if I don't drink or swallow normally. I can't chug anything for the life of me, can't take a shot in one swig, couldn't take pills until I was a teenager - still if I take a pill - even with water, but don't eat anything afterwards, it feels like it's lodged in my throat. Okay, so when I take a drink, it goes on my tongue, I take it to the roof of my mouth and hold it there for awhile, then this normal?
Oh, I'm not a smoker either. Grew up with tons of secondhand smoke and now I cannot tolerate to be around it for a minute. Really really bothers me, I can't remember if it aggrevates the breathing thing, but I know it gives me a bad headache. Oh, also with the throat - I also feel like I'm almost always parched and need to be drinking, eating, chewing gum or sucking on something. I drink a lot of water during the day. I almost always go to bed with a glass of water beside me and a cough drop in my mouth or else I can't go to sleep...
speaking of sleep I need to get some...I've heard this breathing thing is worsened by lack of sleep!
Thanks for reading guys, glad-and not glad-that I'm not the only one, and hope everyone gets better!!!
Oh My Word! Finally, others who suffer from the same thing as I do. I can't believe it. I am so frustrated with this ailment, or whatever it is. It just comes on like that, and goes away when it is ready just like that. Always, but always trying to take in a deep breath, and believing that if I don't then I will not get any breath at all. And then the yawning, trying to yawn thinking that will help take in the deep breath...When I am out and about, people look at me like I am crazy, trying to hold on to something, to expand my chest to get the deep breath...I am so sick and tired of this stuff. And then, other times, it seems like it will go away for days, and then, just like that, it is back. So frustrating! Right now, I am sitting here trying to get that deep breath, and it just doesn't come. I had the paramedics come out one day, cause I thought I was going to go crazy with this, and they put an oxygen meter on my finger and it showed that I was getting 100% oxygen in my system, and that there was nothing wrong..I was definately getting enough air...but then why, I asked them, do I feel like I am not. They said that it seemed like an anxiety issue, and to go see my doctor. I have never gone, as I feel like I would be labeled as "crazy" telling them my symptoms, but now I am wondering if maybe I shouldn't go as so many others seem to be in the same boat. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother and am 61 years old and have been suffering from this for years. I don't sleep well either and am continually tired from all of this, and wonder if maybe that may add to it somehow. Anyway, HELP! I appreciate any communication I can get on this from anyone, please be my friend and maybe by talking about this, it will help. Thanx you..and I look forward to being on here and sharing comments with all of you. By the way, that is how I got to this board, was because I asked the question "why do I want to always take in a deep breath and yawn" and it brought me to this website. Thank GOD! I am blessed. Mare

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