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Finally, other people who are having the same symptoms as I am! I finally figured out what it is-- it's LPR, as mentioned above. This is something that needs to be treated through ENT, not the gastrointerologist (the latter would treat typical GERD). I've had the chronic cough for 3 months, even causing vomiting, choking, liquid in throat, wheezing when I cough, voice breaking, clearing throat constantly. All typical symptoms of LPR. I've been to two doctors who had no clue what was going on, and finally I figured it out on my own via the Internet. One of the sites talks about OMEPRAZOLE and says this works in 99% of the cases. (It has to be taken between 3-6 months and is an alternative to surgery). I will be asking my doctor (or maybe a new one) about this very soon!!

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