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Im having a lot of trouble breathing right now. I cant even take a single breath in. what can i do?
I have had the same trouble for over 10 months and went to MANY different doctors. I was beginning to think it was all in my head. My symptoms were that I could not take a full refreshing breath 24/7. Nothing seemed to make it worse or better. I went to 5 PCP visits, 2 visits to 2 different pulmonologists, had auto immune testing, lung function tests, 2D echo of my heart - all normal. FINALLY I got my answer. I had an upper GI done and they found a small sliding hiatal hernia and GERD. I went to an ENT (Ear, nose, and throat.) He numbed my nasal passage and put a little scope down it (awake) and saw that my esophagus was extremely inflamed. This was after 10 weeks on a double dose of Prevacid. I am now on Nexium in the am and Zantac in the pm. It seems to be getting a little better. It has been 5 weeks on the meds. So the hernia and GERD was causing stomach acid to inflame my esophagus. That inflammation and swelling is giving me that feeling of not taking a full breath as it pushes on my air way. I am hoping the meds work but at least I got an answer. Go to an ENT and have them look at your esophagus. Personally, I would have rather skipped all the radiation from the upper GI and had an endoscopy instead. You don't really need the endoscopy yet, they can look down your esophagus at a normal office visit. The endoscopy would have given even more esophagus information. Good luck. You are not alone.
I have a similar problem and found advice that helped. The problem was I could not breathe deeply because I did not exhale properly. My lungs were full of old, stale, air, leaving no room for fresh air. I had to learn to exhale completely forcing the old air all the way out till I could not blow air out anymore. Then I slowly started breathing inward deeply. Initially I could not breath all the way in right away, it took a few tries until I could breathe in deeply. I had to do this exercise several times a day until my lungs re-trained to exhale completely and then inhale completely. Within the first day, I was able to breath deeply. It is critical that you do this exercise several times a day for two or three minutes at a time. I also have been able to yawn deeper than I used to be able to, sometimes I get a full yawn (not all the time). I am new at this exercise and I am hopeful that I will recoup completely, but so far I breathe so much better. I have been doing this for a few weeks only but my breathing has improved tremendously. It might work for you too. I hope this helps.

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