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Hi Everyone,

So last summer there was a large flood in my town in which I got stuck and pushed my car through. Not too long afterwards I had become sick. It started with extreme chills, coughing, fatigue, and nasal congestion. It was diagnosed as sinusitus and I was given penicillin for it. The Next Month I became sick again, and instead of going to a doctor I finished off the penicillin I had been given. Not the smartest idea I know, but I had ten days worth left after taking it for the prescribed length of time. There was a lack of chills that time but I did have alot of congestion (nasal and throat), and coughing. I even ending up coughing so badly that I threw up phlegm. Anyways after using up the penicillin and daily trips to the steam room I became healthier again. Then in the winter I became sick again, although there was increased pressure in my sinus to the point that I had headaches. He told me that I had a nasal infection that had developed into a post-nasal drip, and that was why it affected my lungs. I was prescribed more drugs (a different antibiotic this time) and it again went away. For the past 3 weeks the sickness has come back again, although I am fighting harder to keep it down.

It affects me mostly in the night when I cough most, although I am congested all day and constantly blowing my nose. I also have some trouble taking deep breathes and i attribute my trouble breathing as if I am having to breathe through mud.

I should also note that between major eruptions of symptoms my nasal congestion does not completely leave. Also it is common for me to find blood (dried or fresh) in my mucus when I blow my nose throughout the week. I do have another appointment with a doctor but I want to find a permanent solution to this problem. I am a 21year old male, 210pounds, who except for this cold is quite fit. Just 1.5 years ago I was running over 30miles a week and now I can not run ten miles in a week.

Does anyone have a similar experience or an idea of what is affecting me?

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