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3 weeks ago my 13yr old son was taken ill at school. At the time he complained that his stomach hurt and he was shivery etc. He then had a febrile convulsion (long family history but that is another story) and was taken to a&e where he finally came round. They took a chest xray and found a shadow on his lung (apparently rt heart border) . He was kept in overnight and given a weeks course of Clarithromycin. He never developed a cough or complained about his chest hurting or appeared to have breathing problems.

He was very tired for the next few days and to be honest has not really got his energy back yet.

This weekend he went to scout camp and got very little sleep, however he would normally have bounced back by now.He is still extremely tired and has now developed a cough, although he doesn't seem to be coughing anything up.

Anyone had experience of a chest infection without any of the classic symptoms.
im 22, and kind had the same diagnosis: chest infection but no cough/mucous. the only other tell tale sign was white/tongue/excessive white saliva. currently im in week 2 of this fatigued state. taking clarithromycin for 2 weeks (starting today).
did your son recover 100%?

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