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Iím really worried about my dadÖ

Heís 61 years old, he walks everywhere, eats ok, isnít overweight except for a bit of a stomach, and he smokes (I know, very bad) but is otherwise generally fairly healthy.

This year for some reason heís had 3 colds (normally he might get 1 a year), and then 2 weeks ago he noticed his neck was sore. He thought heíd somehow put it out whilst sleeping and thought nothing else of it. Then 2 days after he noticed his neck was sore, he suddenly felt really sick, with a sore throat that felt sort of like it wasnít open properly, and a bad cough. He went to the doctor (3 days after beginning to feel sick) and was told he had a ďsevere throat and chest infectionĒ, so was put on really powerful antibiotics. From the beginning of him feeling sick, he almost had no voice (which has never happened before in all the 31 years Iíve known him)

6 days later he had lost his voice totally and could only whisper, and the cough was still really bad (very congested with lots of phlegm), so they went back to the doctor, and he said my dad had pneumonia. I assume this isnít bacterial pneumonia because surely the antibiotics wouldíve prevented this, right?

So he was then put on more antibiotics (different ones). He didnít feel that sick anymore, but still couldnít talk, and now also had developed some sort of dysphasia, which is still present now, a week later.

He had a chest X-ray and it was normal (thank god). When he breathes you can hear the rattling in the lungs, and if ever he talks for more than say 30 seconds, he gets very breathless and has a coughing fit.

With this dysphasia, he canít swallow liquids/drinks. Even water. Whenever he goes to swallow, he chokes / gags and it sounds TERRIBLE! Like a wild animal. He can eat ok though, most of the time. And he never had any dysphasia or swallowing problems prior to this illness.

Sometime this week he will be having a gastroscopy done to see whatís going on with the throat. We think itís just been irritated or maybe damaged by the extreme coughing, and maybe having to swallow those huge tablets has formed some sort of mental/physical problem with swallowing liquid. When he gags / chokes on the liquids when swallowing, he then brings up a lot of phlegm from his lungs too. Does this mean heís swallowing the liquid and itís accidentally going INTO the lungs instead of down into the stomach? If so, WHY??

Also, to do the gastroscopy, they have to put him under a general anaesthetic. Is this at all dangerous at the age of 61 when heís got obvious breathing problems and pneumonia? (if he still has it, that is) He canít even be on oxygen while under the anaesthetic cause they have to have that area clear to put the gastroscope downÖIím also worried that the bruising that occurs from this procedure will make him even worse and he wonít be able to eat or drink at all.

Iím really nervous also that itíll be like my best friendís grandpa, who for the last 10 years of his life (from his late 70s), had to be fed all his food mushed up cause he had this dysphasia thing and would choke on his food all the time.

Is my dad going to be ok!?! Iím really scared.

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