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Hey everyone. I have a question for everyone here, but first a little background I guess. Maybe someone will have some answers... I hope.

First off, I'm a fairly healthy 23 yo male, normal weight and height. Have seasonal asthma, and allergies, had some GERD issues before too. Basically about 2 weeks ago I started having little bouts of shortness of breath and an occasional cough that loosens stuff up, but I don't ever cough anything up. I figured it was just asthma and that it would go away. Over time it seemed to get slightly worse, and then it just got weird. I started having a tight feeling/pain in the right side of my chest that comes and goes. Almost feels like its a rib pain, but kinda feels like it's between the ribs. I also noticed that when I exhale to use my inhaler at times there's a short wheeze right over that spot. I went to the Dr, and he listened to my chest and didn't really hear anything. He put me on an antibiotic and some cough medicine. I started feeling better, but it almost feels at times that if I have to burp that it comes out on that side of my chest and gets stuck. I went back for a checkup and he said everything sounded clear again and that maybe I just had agitated that one lung and it's sore from coughing. Does this sound familar to anyone. Could it be acid reflux related? I'm basically at the end of my rope and scared that it's something serious. The shortness of breath isn't as bad anymore, but it's still hurting off and on. My parents basically think that I'm just blowing it out of proportion and that it'll go away. Any ideas? I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks.

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