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Hi sorry for taking so long what a year just lost my second uncle in a month. Well I have a bad back and need to get steroid injection. The Dr gave me one by my shoulder blade I said to him this time it is hurting all the way to my ribs. Thank god my husband drove me there normal it don't hurt that bad. Well a week went by and I was having a really hard time breathing called the Dr. back he said to call my PC sounds like Bronchitis I went to my PC she sent me for xray and they didn't let me leave the hospital not to even get my husband right out the door they had me call him and tell him to come in I was staying put me in the trauma room and started giving me morphine every 10 min. Till Dr came and put tube in chest he said watch her face I went from looking like a blueberry to pink. Man did that hurt. Just came from seeing my PC was in hospital a week for it. She said this is going to take a long time healing. The only thing I can think of is it stated hurting when the Dr gave me the steroid injection. I have been sent home with a bunch of new med and percocet 2 every 4 hours. How long will it take to get healed. I am so limited to doing things but stay in bed without pain. Plus I'M SO SCARED. Every time I try to do anything it hurts. The only good thing is I saw all that crap come out of my lung I mean a lot. I haven't had a cig since. Was the Dr who gave me the injection at fault for this happening?

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