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I have had bronchitis for 2 weeks accompanied with a terrible deep cough (sounds like a dog). Although the doctor thinks its viral, he still put me on Z pack. I have 1 pill left to take for tomorrow. There has been no improvement in my condition. Cannot sleep at night. It's a horrible experience. I am starting to ache all over from the
strain of coughing.

Help, looking for relief!
You sound like me just worse. I also was diagnosed with having bronchitis and my doctor gave me steriods to help with the swelling. I have asthma on top of this so I am used to the barking cough. But yes it is very annoying and can be painful at times. What I do sometimes is get Vicks vapor rub and put in on my feet before I got to sleep then put socks over it and it helps with the cough. I am not sure how but it does, so that might be something that you could try. Also you could go back to your doctor and ask for a prescription for cough medicine, those work as well and it will allow you to sleep.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!
I am very sympathetic to your situation. I agree with Eliz-Beth about the cough meds. If nothing else, get something OTC.

I would also suggest that you take guaifenesin also, such as Mucinex. Although I would buy a store brand, as Mucinex is expensive. I was at my doc this week, and he said the dosage in OTC is usually two low. I had a script for it years ago, and my doc at that time had me taking 1200 mgs twice a day. That will help loosen up the phlegm and mucous.

If you are taking antibiotics, I also suggest a probiotic supplement -- or eating yogurt. Broad spectrum antibiotics will kill off the good bacteria that your body needs.

Eliz-Beth, never heard of the Vicks trick, I am going to try that one, thank you!

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