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I sprinted in very cold air and had to breathe very fast (also through my mouth), then it took me at least 30 minutes of fast walk with no running to regain normal breath. I am in my 30s, I've never had lung problems before and I am not a smoker. However, I'm the small chest capacity type (sometimes I *need* to breathe through my mouth, like some mild form of COPD), and had been physically inactive until a few years ago.

Since that day, I've been experiencing a recurrent sensation of "emptiness" in the upper chest (located *perhaps* at the bronchi-trachea junction), with *no* obstruction, some sort of dilatory tension as if the membranes try to make room for a small ball. The air feels very-mildly pungent in that place and the inside of my chest feels somewhat "tight", with no shortness of breath, yet a distinct impression thereof.

There's also a strange perception of assimilation or concurrence between the sensation described above and another vague sensation of having something stuck at that same point in the upper chest that always feels clearly impossible to "cough up". Surprisingly though, it does come up when I don't expect it, but extremely rarely (about once a week or two) and in little quantity; it's colorless and transparent. I never feel like coughing, except that sometimes I have a tickling sensation. This does prompt a few *voluntary* coughs (actually, simple tense exhalation seems more efficient in getting the fluid out). The fluid thing is not only negligible but quite recent. It never happened before 1-2 months ago.

I *think* the sensation has some similarity to the typical "tense lungs" (allergic?) reaction many of us had after breathing toxic gas (e.g. cigarette lighter gas IIRC, or burnt cooker gas). It doesn't feel dangerous, but it does feel chronic and longtime in my case, which is the one (and only) scariest thing about my condition. Two of the usual asthma and COPD drugs didn't show any effect: Salbutamol and Formoterol.

The sensation lasts *continuously* for hours or days (with small variations correlated to movement, body position, and especially awareness) then it may disappear for a few days or until I do one of the things mentioned below.

* After effort in cold air, never at room temperature but at almost any temperature below that (!)
* Sometimes when I wake up after a short sleep (I *suspect* connection to accidentally occurring apnea; I have that sometimes since many years ago)
* Changing position (not necessarily suddenly) often triggers a small "reminder" of the sensation (as if my lungs or trachea/bronchi are sensitive to movement); this lasts much shorter (than "hours or days")
* A mask has *almost* the same preventive effect (that is, very strong; sometimes like no effort and no cold air) from at least 20 F (-6.6 C) to around 55 F (12.7 Celsius), as if the air being wet matters much more than the air being warm (?)

Please help me.

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