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I've been estranged from my dad for a couple of years now (for a very good reason, not important to mention) and got word from his wife that he has been in the hospital for almost a week now. At first, she told me that he had food in his lungs.

A couple of days later, she let me know that one of his lungs was now collapsed and that they were having to surgically remove 4 liters of fluid from them.

Unfortunately, this is the only information I have. He isn't a smoker. He has been disabled for about 10 years after having two discs in his spine crushed from an accident. He's seriously addicted to painkillers (oxycontin, not sure what else) and has been in generally bad health for a while, despite only being 49. I'm guessing the [I]best[/I] case scenario here is that he has pneumonia... but even then, having been hospitalized for a week now and having a collapsed lung, statistically is it more likely than not that he will die?

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