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Hey, I just registered here because I'd like to get an idea of what the heck's going on with me. Now, I know it's best to see a doctor, but the financial situation is tough right now, and it doesn't seem so bad that I'd need immediate medical attention. Not yet, anyway..

What I'm experiencing is some dull throbbing chest pain. It seems to radiate up my throat, and when I breathe in, it feels really raw way deep down, like at the bottom of my esophagus. The breathing doesn't create any sharp stabbing pain, though, but I've had Pleurisy before, and the pain is similar, only far less severe than before.

When I had Pleurisy, it was horrible. The pain would start in my upper left back and, within only two hours, I would be in agony trying to breathe. This time, though, it took about twenty-four hours to set in, and breathing doesn't hurt it much. I highly doubt it's anything heart related, as I'm merely twenty and I have no family history of problems such as this. I'm only about forty pounds overweight (something I'm working on), so..I don't really know.

I took an Aleve and it seems to be helping significantly already, as I figured if it is Pleurisy, then some anti-inflammatory medicine would get rid of it like it did before.

Also, it seems important to note that it hurts significantly more when I lie down or bend over, which, again, was something that happened when I had Pleurisy.

I was more active yesterday than usual, and I also got pretty stressed out. One of my Pleurisy "episodes" occurred after physical strain, so seriously..almost everything points to that. What's confusing me is the lack of a sharp pain when inhaling. It's more of a raw feeling in my throat. But hey, maybe that's how the "mild" form of the condition feels. Thoughts?

Update: Oh boy...I read up on the Aleve I've been taking, and the Naproxen sodium inside of it has a possible severe side effect of chest pain, among other things. It's the only one I've got, but just because this is a possibility, I've gotta come off the stuff. I've never had a negative reaction to Naproxen before (I took it without problems when I had Pleurisy), but I just don't know. I took some about, oh...sixteen or so hours before this chest pain started, as I needed some relief for a pain in my back. It worked so well that the back pain never came back, but then I started getting this moderate chest pain.

Should I be seriously worried about this? I'm not short of breath, my pulse is normal, and there's nothing else wrong. It's just that pain in my chest that radiates to my back a bit.

Anyway, the Aleve is off...If there's any other medication that's good but doesn't have Naproxen in it, are there any recommendations? I remember Excedrin Back and Body working great for me, but I can't be too sure if that's safe either.

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