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For the past 5 months I have experienced varying degrees of pain under my right shoulder blade. It was assumed it was a muscular injury, and I was sent to PT. The problem seemed to be easing. August 28th, I started with a sore throat. I immediately started taking Vitamin C and Echinacea, not wanting to get sick. 2 days later my son developed croup. I continued to fight being sick myself, until my husband developed a cough and fever (he is now better). Last Tuesday (9/14) I started having stabbing/burning pains from the same spot under my shoulder blade into my chest. I worked an overnight, which is rare for me. That morning, I was coughing uncontrollably, and running a low grade fever. For approximately two days I coughed up nice green junk, which then faded. Today, 9/23, I still have a fever. At one point it peaked to 101.4, but typically goes no higher than 100. I have been on amoxicillan and cough medicine with codeine since last Friday when the dr told me I was just fighting 2 back to back viruses. My coughing has virtually disappeared. When I do cough anything up, it is a clear/white, almost opaque, with flecks of brown. Nose runs occasionally, but not enough to be a bother. The fever has persisted for over two weeks now. I physically feel fine, beyond the fatigue and nagging pain under my shoulder blade and under my collarbone. The ache extends down my right arm and into part of my right hand. It also goes numb and tingly; I shocked my dr with how cold my right hand was compared to be left. There is nothing to be heard in my lungs. No wheezing, no rubbing, nothing. (I did have walking pneumonia in December while pregnant). Every one of the muscles has been poked and prodded on that side of my body, and no exterior pain. It hurts to take a deep breath. Coughing and sneezing is enough to induce tears. Picking things up with the right arm could drop me to my knees, and with the left causes pain to shoot across from the right. Laying down hurts. I have been seeing several different drs, my dr at the breast cancer center sent me to another to have Xrays. One dr has 'diagnosed' me with bronchitis but is 'treating' me for pneumonia with a fever of 'unknown origins'. They conducted a chest X-Ray with 'abnormalities'. The xrays were sent out to a radiologist and I will not have results back until tomorrow afternoon. The other dr wanted to diagnose me with pluerisy, but was perplexed by the lack of noise in my lungs and the fever, so is currently going with a 'chest wall injury'. I have had some dizziness and blurring of the vision, as well as night sweats/chills. My voice has changed, it is very hoarse, but I have no sore throat. Coughing is very minimal. I do not have mono, flu, pluerisy, etc. My oxygen levels were fluctuating as well as my pulse.
I have smoked for 7 years (and am quitting!) and have been exposed to second hand smoke for over 26 years. I have a history of sinus/bronchial/tonsil infections, and a maternal history of several types of cancers including lung.

I have been given antibiotics that make me sick and I can't go in the sun or eat and drink with them, an inhaler for wheezing I don't have, and a steroid shot that didn't get along with my hip muscle!!!!
I've researched and I know what I'm thinking, but I am open to other opinions or experiences.

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