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I had a cough develop a little over a month ago. I had a runny nose occasionally, but no fever. I tried OTC medications and they didn't work, so I went to the doctor last week. My dr wasn't there, so I saw a new dr. She said it looked like "a little sinusitis and maybe a touch of bronchitis". She gave me a steroid shot, a Zpac and told me to get some Zyrtec. I took all 5 days of the Zpac and also the Zyrtec. My symptoms didn't improve, but only seemed to get worse.

A few days later I had pain in one of the lymph nodes in my neck. The pain is like a burning sensation that comes and goes frequently. I stopped taking the Zyrtec and started taking Mucinex. That didn't help either. My cough was continuously getting worse (dry hacking at times and coughing up small amounts of mucus at times). I went back and saw my dr today. She did a chest xray. She said she didn't see any signs of pneumonia on the xray but did hear wheezing and rattling in my chest. She said it was bronchitis and bronchial spasms. She prescribed Levaquin for 10 days and also hydrocodone cough syrup to help me rest at night (I have been much more fatigued than usual).

My concern is that she saw what she "thinks" to be a swollen lymph node in my lung. She said she isn't "worried" but that she is sending it to be read by a radiologist to make sure that is what it is. This has me concerned, especially because of the lymph node that is slightly swollen (and very painful) in my neck. The same lymph node in my neck has been bothering me off and on for about 6 or 7 months, but it is just more pronounced right now.

Should I be concerned about this? Are swollen lymph nodes in the lungs common with bronchitis? What about the persistent painful one in my neck?

Thanks for any help!

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