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Blood in phlegm
Oct 30, 2010
Okie dokie this is creeping me out and I have a week or so before I can go to the doctor....seeing if anyone else has had this problem.

About 3 weeks ago I had a nosebleed, kinda unusual but not horribly since I live in a really dry climate and I get them maybe once or twice a year.

A couple days to a week after I began seeing small amounts of blood in my phlegm. I was a smoker (4-10 cigs a day, usually about 1 pack every 2-3 days), but I was actually quitting that week and haven't had any cigs for 2 weeks + now. Anyway, I don't "cough" up the phlegm, I have heavy sinus drainage and I clear my throat or pull the phlegm up from the back of my throat and that's when it appears. I have been coughing a tiny bit from the quitting of smoking, but not incessently, nor have I been coughing some of the times I get blood in my phlegm. The blood isn't aways there either, it's hit and miss as to whether it appears in the phlegm or not.

There are other symptoms but amost every singe one of them started when I quit smoking....breathing problems which have since mostly cleared up, headaches which have again cleared up, and sometimes random lightheadedness..all of which I was told were typical with quitting smoking.

It's seriously creeping me out, but thankfully I actually have health insurance starting on monday so I can go to a doctor as soon as I get back to my house (i'm visiting relatives).

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