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hiya, 29 years old female here

i had 3 months constant checkups in various hospitals- had to travel home to my country to receive proper medicalk attention! started with strong flu a year ago which developed the constant cough. got plenty of antibiotics (this was last winter) and it got better for the summer, coughing stopped, although i always coughed up some phlegm in the mornings (while coughing was constant i coughed all day). there was always a weird chest-tightness present in my lungs. only ct scan was abnormal, all other results were okay, including lung biopsy. i also had a swollen plum size lymph, which they removed surgically for samples, but found nothing useful- long-term infection, i was told...
immunology and infectology followed.
at immunology they found some B and T cell deficiency, which was again put down to "long-term infection". as i got examined by a very young practising doctor first, she suggested i had CVID, which she couldnt fully proove and i had my question marks, so i went to see the best, oldest, most experienced professor in my city. he said as the main immunology indicators are okay i should not have CVID. so after 3 months spent in hospitals with many chekups, the doctors couldnt tell me what i had, and as i live abroad, i had to come back to secure my job, which i had no idea how will i be able to do with the pain and weakness...
done my research on internet and i found that there could be a problem with my THYMUS due to contant chest pressure/pain and a feeling of something is pushing my heart(?) from behind and the sides... but i was told by the docs, it would have showed on CT scans... the weird thing is that all over my lungs showed tiny points (1-2mms) and some larger ones 5-8 and 9-10mms as well! and there was a round shaped shadow as well on the inside side of heart- which they couldnt tell, what it was- they said it wasnt thymus, but what if it is?

i should have also done EKG, which i wasnt aware of back then!?

after a year i still have chest pain, shortness of breath and weakness and have no idea when the whole nightmare is going to get better. as doctors couldnt really help, i turned to natural therapies and homeopathy seems to be the one i am hoping to work...... (since weather turned cold i caught the flu 3times, and now im taking all herbs, vitamins, colloidal silver etc to strenghten my immune system, which does appear to be stronger against bacterias/viruses)...

i didnt have ekg which i regret, but back then nobody suggested it to me!
I did have 2 cat scans in 3 months though, and after the 3rd months, the second showed tiny improvement 1-2 mms on the biggest 8-10mms lung patterns.

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