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Please can anyone help.

I had swine flu16 months ago follwed by a chest infection which I was given antibiotics for, a few weeks later I developed a cough which I have now had for around 14 months. I did persivere for a while with it but 8 months ago I did visit my GP. I was sent for a chest xray which was clear. I also had spiromitry test to see if my cough may be asthma, it was worse after the ventolin! I did say to them it was because If I take a deep breath I have to cough to get it out! They told me I had mild COPD- I have never smoked!
8 weeks ago I woke up one morning with severve pleuritic chest pain, I went to A&E, once again chest xray was clear, BP, Pulse, Temp all within normal limits, however my blood results showed raised inflamatory markers, I was sent for a VQ scan (They thought I may have had a PE) and it showed I hade a mass at the base of my right lung, a CT scan confirmed I had pneumonia, the pain was pleuricy. I had no resent illlness or fever so how long had it been there? Since I had the chest infection and stated coughing 14 months ago??? I have received IV and oral antibiotics, still no better, pain and coughing still. 2 weeks later I had more antibiotics, still coughing and still no better! After 8 weeks ( New years Eve)I was sent for another chest xray as my symptms are getting worse, It showed I now have a pleural effusion. Last week I started coughing up blood. I was asked to go and have another chext xray to see if it is resolving yesterday, I told them it hadn't as I still feel unwell, still coughing, still coughing blood in the morning and still got pain (albeit now by my scapula) and guess what, xray confirms it's still there! I have only just been refered to a chest secialist as now my GP say's they are worried! I'm worried, can anyone help? Thank you

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