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hi for just over a week i have had these symptoms i have bin coughing up thick green mucus, runny nose, fever, coughing to the point its making me sick, sleep deprovation then. I went to doctor who at first gave me some steroids called Prednisolone 5mg, which i took 6 a day of, brown eay breath inhaler 2 puff a day and 8 puff of ventolin a day (i do have athma awell) that was not working so i went back on the forth day i went back and they prescribed me Clarithromycin 500mg which i take 2 a day of. After the first day of antibiotics i started to cough up specs of blood actually burried in the mucus and more feverinsh, and loss of hearing like something it bocking my ears, loss of energy and burning up to where my fiance cant come near me im that hot. I also get aches and pains all over my body to the point my skin hurts
I dont know what to do should i leave it to see if they start working or get my butt to a hospital im deperate now ???????

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