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For about a year and a half I have been coughing up white translucent phlegm. I have never smoked or taken drugs. I have asthma and I am allergic to dust and mould. A year ago I got a bad cold that took 2 weeks or so to fully leave my system and a week later I got a sinus infection then an allergic reaction to something at my old house. After these infections and colds went away I was left with a lot of mucus and phlegm in my system. I tried to get rid of it for a year and nothing worked. I went to many doctors and they said allergic reactions was the problem. I took their medications and nothing happened. I also took some antibiotics and that didn't work either. Just a few months ago I contracted a flu from a friend and that made the phlegm situation worse as I thought there was a minor improvement. I thought that I had bronchitis before and the doctors misdiagnosed my illness as I had all the symptoms.

The phlegm is very sticky and stringy, and there is no noticeable colour. I tried avoiding dairy products and wheat for a while, but I couldn't take the diet change anymore so I went back to normal foods. Nothing seems to be working and I want to be healthy for HSC at school.

Does anyone have any idea about what it could be or how to get rid of it? I have tried many natural options as well... to no avail. I have given up on doctors in my area, and I just don't know what it is that I have or why it has been going on for so long.. :)

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