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I guess the advertising works. I used the Just answer link above, and i know its not free, but he (the Doctor online) and me believe he gave me information that he is sure they didn't try. I took the info up last night and the senior nurse took a quick look. I got an 'interesting' out of her and she said she would pass it to the Doctors. We go to see this morning to see what the Doctors say. To be honest, they might as well try the techniques, because he has nothing to lose. He dies tomorrow by 'natural causes' but painlessly. The only downside for this last attempt, is, it will bring him off the ventilator, once and for all, and he will be alive. But, there is limited time he can receive these life enhancing drugs, probably, just hours and then they have to start reducing them, and they can't go back. They will need to give him drugs to strengthen the chest and quick. If he doesn't make it, he dies, he cannot go back on the ventilator. But we all agreed, it is better to die while fighting for life than to be 'nice and comfortable' and you just slip away, because nature is 'taking its cause'. I am unliely to come back and post again, esp if he dies. So i would like to thank the online Doctor, i think he really has tried his best, and i have to agree with him, it is unlikely they tried the 'high tech solution' The high tech solution, gurantees you come off, but it doesn't gurantee you live. The Doctor online asked me twice, are there any other underlying medical issues as to why he is not coming off? I can honestly say, they have there is none that they are aware of. Second question, can they raise his vital signs to the optimum before they begin. Again the answer is Yes. The problem is simply that when they try to remove him, his breathing rate, and hence heart rate, become much too high, and this is just like torture. We simply believe the chest muscles have become too weak as a result of being on the ventilator too long, 45 days now. But they need to pump him with steriods to stimulate the chest muscles. That is just stage 1 and they have to do everything else. If nothing is done, he dies tomorrow, so really, this really is the very last chance and he & we must take it. You are welcome to ask me anything. I am sorry i cannot discuss the technical medical info, you must ask a Doctor yourself.
:dizzy: <-- I think we all feel like this at the moment.

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