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Bit of a Mystery
Apr 16, 2011
Hi there, I'm new to these boards and have lurked here for a considerable amount of time, especially with all the added stress I have from my new mystery condition.

A quick timeline recap:

Christmas to late February - repeated chest infections. At christmas suffered bout of Pneumonia. Also suffered a lot of mucus being coughed up. My nose is clear, and post nasal drip has been ruled out by the doctor.

February: (late) after injuring myself at work and being off with back trouble, I began to notice I was coughed phlegm up after sleeping (mornings) - it was green/brown and had a decidedly nasty taste to it. I described it as similar to 'rotting'. After a couple of weeks, the doctor put me on a course of Cephalaxin(sp?).

Mid March: Chest infection had disappeared briefly then re-reared it's ugly head. I was once again coughing up plenty of phlegm (green, yellow, brown). I decided to let nature take it's course. Five days after this, I was at work and suffered hemotypsis. I went to hospital.

X-ray was performed and they found a shadow on my right upper lobe of my lung. I was asked the usual round of questions, weightloss, oxygenation lvls/BP was tested (no weightloss, no other symptoms than phlegm, 100% oxygenation and perfect BP results). After much referral, they settled on lung consolidation from previous illnesses and packed me off with Clarithromycin.

First week: Clarithromycin began to clear up my symptoms wonderfully (aside from a bad metallic taste in my mouth) but by the end of the course, my symptoms were creeping back. Another trip to hospital with pleuritic pain, my bloodworks came back free from any infection, no raised WBC, and a new xray suggested nothing sinister in the slightest, merely consolidation that was clearing up. I was packed off home.

Second week: Second 7day course of Clarithromycin assigned, my symptoms remain. Suddenly on the thursday of last week I came down with violent chills, shivers, headache, night sweats and confusion. Having addressed these concerns, my doctor takes me off the antibiotics which she says are doing nothing to help, especially as my phlegm remains and tastes as foul as ever. She orders sputum tests and gives me painkillers.

This week: Sputum test came back normal. I am at a loss to describe my condition, or even what it can be. I cough up copious amounts of yellow phlegm on waking (I fill a good four or five tissues with foul tasting phlegm) and I am nervous about sleeping, because I wake up with the phlegm rattling in my chest. My fever symptoms have vanished. I am being referred to a lung specialist at hospital.

On my original assessment, the doctor had put forward Broncheictasis as a possibility, given my medical history.

I'm 28, female, non smoker, non drinker, don't do drugs (have never and will never to all those too) - I exercise, I eat as healthily as I can manage. I have hypothyroidism (175 p/d) asthma (since childhood) and Hayfever (Certrizine, which I take year round as I have three dogs).

This is all very confusing for me, and even moreso for them! Any suggestions/helpful hints/tips to try and get me sleeping? lol

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