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Need Advice...
May 4, 2011
Okay starting in 1997 I was in 11th grade in my Algebra 2 class and I feel a pop in my chest and almost immediate severe stabbing pain in my chest.. I go to a urgent care and they take an xray and tell me that I have a fluid buildup around my heart, give me medication and send me home. The very next morning we have a call on our answering machine the urgent care telling my parents to get me to the hospital ASAP that the radiologist finally read the xray and I actually had a collapsed lung.
I get to the hospital and they put in a chest tube and send me home on pain meds. The same night I am in the shower and all of a sudden I cannot breath. Parents call an ambulance I get to the ER and the chest tube kinked. So they remove the one one that they inserted earlier in the day and place a larger one and admit me in the hospital for pain control and to connect the tube to suction. After a week of suction they remove the chest tube, and 1 day later I go home and everything goes well.
About 6 months later the same lung collapses again. I again was doing nothing. Sitting watching TV. I am brought to the ER, they again place a chest tube and connect to suction, do test and find that I was born with blisters on my lung that pop and allow my lung to collapse. They say they wil treat this one and if it happens again I would have to have major surgery to have the issue fixed. I go home about a week later, all goes well for about a year and then it collapses again. This time they call in a surgeon and they decide that the next day they will go into my chest cavity through my back, remove 2 ribs and scrub my lung to pop what other blisters are there and staple where it needs to be, and scrub the plura to form scar tissue for the lung to stick to so that it cannot collapse again.
Well I go YEARS with no problems.. Then a few years ago I have a collapse of the other lung. They place a chest tube, place to suction for a few days and send me home. About a year later, it collapses again.. Again, they place a chest tube, admit me for pain control and suction and send me home after its healed tell me the next time they will probably have to preform surgery.. So last August it collapsed again.. This time they call in a surgeon who schedules a less intrucive surgery the next day. This time he goes in with scopes and places talc between the lung and the plura to cause scar tissue so that the lung cannot collapse. Everything goes great until about 4 weeks ago when I again felt a pop in my chest. I go to the ER they dont see a collapse on the Xray so they do a Cscan and see free air in and around my esophogus and under the muscles of my chest... They put me in the hospital for a few days for pain control and pure oxygen to allow the body to reabsorb the loose air.
I get released and 2 days later it happens again. I have a HUGE amount of air around my esophogus and in my chest muscles.. They do a brochoscopy to check for tears in my broncheous, and find nothing abnormal.. They do a follow through where I drink chalk contrast and follow it into my stomach looking for tears in my esophogus (I have Crohn's Disease as well) .. They find no tears... They do not know where the air is coming from.. The surgeon actually had the galls to ask if I was poking myself in the chest with anything that would allow this to happen. I was upset, but realized he doesnt really know ne, and there are some pretty crazy people in the world.
They are going to check me for a disease called Morfan's Syndrome...
They still do not know where the air keeps coming from, and I do NOT know what to do from here! They said they called some specialist in Houston to get advice, but they hadnt heard of this either..
Im at the point that I started a new job.. and I am loosing A LOT of time.. I have been off for 3 weeks now.. I am hoping that SOMEONE, ANYONE will have some advice for me! Im at my wits end... I need this fixed so that I can get on with my life.. Right now they just tell me that when it happens they know nothing more to do than to admit me for pain control and pure oxygen to help absorb the free air, but there has to be a reason and a place the air is coming from...
PLEASE, I am open to ANY suggestions..
In case there are doctors that read the boards.. here is a little more about my history..
I do and have suffered from disabling migraines since the age on 9.
I have Crohn's Disease, and Hashimoto's Disease. I have had to have a bowel recetion, my appendix removed, and my gall bladder removed from the crohns. I have not had a flair up of the Crohns in probably 4 years.
I have had carpal tunnel release done. I do have on going joint pain, I have what my GP says is tendenitis on my shoulders, that does not get better, it pops and sounds like it grinds if I move it certain ways. I have issues with shoulders, knees and hips as far as pain.
I was always a tall and thin person up till a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease and placed on Thyroid replacement. Up to that point I was 6'00" tall and 120lbs.. Since I have gained up to 172lbs.
I am ALWAYS tired.. even if my thyroid level shows to be at its correct level, its a struggle to get up in the morning and a bigger struggle to make it through my normal day.
I have been checked for mental disorders and none were found.
I do have insomnia.. and take Lunesta for it.
Usually once a year I come down with a UTI which my GP cannot understand why since she says its uncommon for guys to get UTI's..
I do have long toes and fingers.. All of my joint do pop a lot with just normal movement. I have super high arches on my feet, the doctor that saw me in the hospital said I have hyper flexable joints and a medium high pallet in my mouth which is why she stated being checked for Marfans Syndrome. She stated becasue I could bend my thumb back further than just straight I had hyperflexibility, though both her students were able to bend their thumbs like me, it was just her that couldnt.. lol...
Im just hoping that maybe there is something that someone else can make a connection with the symptoms, or tell me where I should go from here! I have NEVER had issues with depression, but at this point I am betting sick and tired and depressed FROM being sick and tired all of the time..
ANY advice GREATLY appreciated...
Oh, btw, I am a 33yr old White male!

I also forgot to mention that I have really bad short term memory issues.. So bad that in everyday conversation I will completely forget the word that I want to use.. and so I sit thinking of the word, or trying to think of another way to describe what Im talking about. It happens A LOT, and is really embarrasing.
Dont know that it matters but when my mother was pregnant with me, and up to the age of about 6 or 7 my whole family lived in an area that was recieving a lot of arsenic poisoning.

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