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Approximately 5 months ago, I started feeling really bad and came down with a bad chest infection. No stuffyness in my nose or sinuses, it was only in my windpipe - The dr gave me two rounds of antibiotics with limited success - in the 2nd month got a terrible sore throat and they prescribed Avelox which seemed to help me tremendously - after a few more weeks, I finally got to the point I am now with no improvment in my symptoms. When I am lying down or asleep, I feel fine. When I get up, I have no symptoms but after being up for @ an hour, I can start feeling phlegm in my chest. It seems to be right behind the breastbone. Any sort of exertion seems to irritate my windpipe to where I cough and I typically produce clear or white mucous when I cough. I have never had asthma or any sort of issue like this in the past - i do not smoke and never have and was generally healthy and quite active. I go for an allergy test later this week to see if they can figure anything out. Does this sound like asthma? I have never had a single symptom before.
Anyone else seem to have anything remotely like this? Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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