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Hi...curious about your age...your body type and if it was your right or left lung.

I had numerous SPs for a year without treatment (not knowing what the actual pain was and it improved, and once when the ER doctor LIED and told me to do 10 deep breaths to improve the thoracic myalgia -- even though my lung was 30% collapsed as per the x-ray that I found out about later).

My last one ended up with me being hospitalised, 4 tubings that weren't successful while there, and finally a thoracotomy to sew up the blebs and abrade the lung surface to have it permanently stay up. It was a long and painful process, but worth it.

My other lung also had blebs, they were stitched and haven't caused a collapse, thankfully.

The treatments of you being only tubed, might not result in you having no further collapses in the future. The treatment is to reinflate, nothing else.

If your lung had pleurodesis (talc or other chemical abrasion) as well, it still isn't guaranteed of further collapses.

Not all blebs will break and cause collapse, but interestingly, I did feel some air bleeding through the abraded/stitched area, but obviously no collapse. Painful, but at least I knew the why.

Regarding your other enquiry in the General questions about the won't heal your blebs or guarantee no further collapses.

I hope for you this is it. There's also a likelihood your other lung has them as well. I don't know off hand if one can find out through testing...maybe ultrasound?

Not to scare you, but truly get yourself to the hospital asap if your other lung has ANY discomfort/pressure in the throat or upper chest or around the back to have you x-rayed imediately.

Do the homework, KNOW the terminology and discuss which would be the best treatment for you in the future if it should happen.

Heal well!

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