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Two months ago I was having what seemed to show symptoms of Asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath, trouble catching breath. I had about 4-5 attacks in 4 weeks time, after which I went to the doctor, she prescribed an inhaler to take two times daily and a rescue inhaler.

It has been two weeks since the doctor and no attacks, but about four days ago I noticed that I would get shortness of breath, the symptom is more significant while doing physical tasks, like walking or bringing something downstairs. But while at rest I still notice it a small amount.

Other symptoms I've noticed in the last four days include burping a lot, yawning to try to catch my breath, and after walking down my road the top of my right lung will start to feel like it has a small cramp in it, and feeling like I'm gagging or like a bunch of mucus is at the back of my throat.

Any ideas what this might be? I'm going to be 18 in December, I have no history of asthma or any other breathing issues. I'm 148 lbs, 5'10 male, I exercise regularly, eat healthy, non-smoker.

I'm going back to the doctor one week from tomorrow as a follow up for the assumed asthma attacks, I'm just looking for some info to put my mind at ease, thanks for everyone who reads this.

I don't know if this matters but I think it's probably worth adding, I was in a car accident last week Saturday(tire popped, drove off road into 10-12 foot ditch.) and experienced lower back pain immediately after the accident, along with right shoulder pain, black eye from airbags and nose pain(I was wearing sunglasses and airbags flattened them to my face). I was in the passenger seat to give an idea of where what should hurt from seat belt, airbags, etc. the truck landed on the passenger side.

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