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I'm new here and glad to have discovered this forum. I would be grateful for any thoughts on my situation. Background: Have had pneumonia 5 times when I was a smoker (quit in 1984). Over the past couple of years I noticed I was more short of breath. Last winter it became really quite a problem. My weight dropped from 122 to 112, I was exhausted and so cut back on my work. However I didn't have much coughing. When I did start to cough in May, I used mustard plasters and slept with lots of pillows, but my cough was never significant. I was using supplements including probiotics and walking 30 minutes a day.

I was diagnosed with MAC in June after a radiologist read my CT-scan and noted bronchiectasis and suggested the possibility of an MAI infection. A respirologist did a bronchoscopy and confirmed the diagnosis. I had a lung function test and it was normal. The respirologist and I agreed not to treat with antibiotics at that time since I had started to regain weight and wasn't feeling so weak. I had some Reiki sessions and continued with supplements. No longer felt weak but the breathlessness was no better. The respirologist said that since my lung function tests were normal (and I can feel that I can breathe right deep down in my lungs), that she doesn't think the breathlessness is pulmonary in origin.

A month or so ago, I got lazy with my supplements and coincidentally or not about a week later started getting chest pain. I also at that time had a follow-up CT-scan that showed that the nodules are slightly more prominent and numerous. I also saw an internist for a cardiac assessment. I got too out of breath on the treadmill to complete the test, so I had a persantine MIBI scan which showed that my cardiac function is normal.

So here I am still with almost no cough, some chest pain, a lot of breathlessness. I see the internist for follow-up in a couple of weeks and the respirologist in January. I am finding it odd that I am so short of breath and yet have normal pulmonary and cardiac function - and have no cough to speak of and yet have MAI. My weight is back down to 114 as well (though admittedly I haven't been eating as much as I should).

I would be grateful to hear anyone's thoughts on my situation which seems odd. Thank you!

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