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I've had a cough that's been changing over the past 5 months. First, it started off as a tickle in my throat that would be triggered when I would use my voice a lot (singing, talking a lot). Then, it progressed into a really bad cough that would come every 10 min with a lot of yellow, green phlegm. Now, it's changed again with little phlegm (clear color). I cough now because it feels like as if water went down the wrong pipe. I have coughing fits (couple of times a day) that make me feel light headed and to the point it makes me gag, sometimes vomit. I also have recurring sore throat that comes and goes. I've been to an allergist, ENT, and gastroenterologist... ruled out allergies, ENT treated me for reflux with no relief. Anyone have similar problems? I am so tired of this cough now and just want it to go away! :confused:

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