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Hi everyone.. I'm 28, female, non smoker. My yearly physical is coming up so I plan to ask my doctor about this but until then, just curious as to what this is. If I wake up in the middle of the night and get up to use the restroom or get up for the morning, I've noticed that the first deep breath I take has a little wheezing at the end of the deep breath, inhale only. I can't hear it, I just feel it and I assume it is wheezing. This has been happening for years really but now I'm finally curious. I've noticed that if I lay flat on my back for a few minutes and I take a deep breath, the same thing happens. It doesn't happen if I lay on my stomach or my side and doesn't happen during the day when I'm up and moving. It's really just my first breath after sleeping all night and if I lay on my back for awhile. Any idea what this could be??

Since I was little, I have always gotten terrible colds and have had LOTS of sinus problems. There is no such thing as "a little cold" for me.. my colds are always bad - tons of mucus, congestion, and I always lose my voice every single time. Mucinex is my best friend. I didn't know if this wheezing could be a result of that? Or allergy related? Or asthma? Or lung cancer??

I don't have any shortness of breath or coughing at all.

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