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Hey! So a week ago I went to the doctor because my chest was hurting. Heart was perfectly fine and all the results came back normal. I'm 18 and I don't smoke. I'm normal weight and I have an active lifestyle. So a week after the chest pains, I'm noticing that I'm getting sharp pains in my upper left chest area, near the pectoral muscles/under the shoulder.

A week ago when I went to the doctor I didn't have any pain when breathing. So they only listened to my lungs and didn't take a chest x-ray (Why the **** not?!). A few weeks ago my sister and mother had an inflamed throat, so could i have gotten a virus from them?

When I breath in slowly, I'm not getting pains at all, but as soon as I take a deeper breath it hurts for a few seconds, only when I breath deeply. My mother thinks I'm crazy because I want to get a chest x-ray even though the doctors saw nothing wrong with me a week ago.

What should I do next? Will taking ibuprofen bring down swelling if I have any? Can I have trapped air inside my chest area? I've been feeling gassy for the last week.

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