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Re: Smoker's cough?
May 21, 2012
[QUOTE=Apollo123;4983747]Hiya, well the "smokers cough" can be just that, irrtation in the throat but their are other condtions that could be a cause for concern. A dry tickley cough isnt often a problem, but a chesty wet cough is, certainly if mucus is being brought up. When i smoked i didnt have cough and when i gave up i didnt have a cough after, but my doctor always asked about a "cough"

If i was you, just get it checked out because a cough lasting more than a few months would incate somthing is not right.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply. I'm not even sure what doctor to go see. The GP I went to just kind of blew me off.

The cough I have is not a dry cough. There's definitely stuff I cough out of my lungs and I feel congested at times, especially in the morning, but it's nothing too gross and not a lot. Like this morning, I woke up with a congested feeling in my chest and even some weird wheezing sounds while I was lying in bed. I cough up whatever it is and feel better. Not to be gross, but I don't usually cough up stuff and spit it out but just swallow it. Every once in a while I'll spit it out and it will be just kind of light brown and even kind of clear/cloudy.

Any suggestions on what kind of doctor I should go see or if it's even worth the worry?

Thanks again.

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