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I have complex PVC's (sometimes frequent), pounding heartbeat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing isn't anything extreme, spit up clear mucus.. Once I was spitting up blood in my mucus. Don't know if it was coming from the post nasal drip or why that happened. I don't normally do that. I have this breathing problem every night when I lay down,, I gasp for breath within minutes. My oxygen gets lower than it should be when I sleep and I have trouble breathing, it is not apnea. I do not stop breathing, it just slows..

Family has been commenting alot on how I am breathing loud. Get short winded quite often, it's not severe, just like if you took a short jog and it knocked you out of breath a bit.

I've smoked for 25 years, 2 pks a day.. I have had a CT back 10 years ago showed mild scarring on lung base, no definete disease. haven't been checked since.

Stress test normal. Holter monitor showed frequent PVC's, Echo normal.

Had an EKG once showing I was having long bigeminal rhythms (PVC's), treated with oxygen and they stopped. Why would the oxygen stop them? What does that mean?

I do get week and tired but I am battling with an autoimmune disorder..

My twin sister has lung disease.. Am I showing symptoms as well? Could it be that is why I am having these PVC's. Lacking oxygen in my body I need? Don't know what to think..

Maybe I should ask my dr for a chest x-ray and find out..

And it always hurts my chest when I breathe in.. Is that a sign something is wrong?

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