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Ok so here's the background. This all started around the middle of march this year(2012). I started having this burning feeling in my chest when I was breathing. I thought I was coming down with a cold or something. I started taking all the standard OTC stuff to try and take care of it before it got to bad. After 2 weeks it had gotten worse so I decided it was time to see a doctor and get some antibiotics. I didn't have a primary at the time so I went to the med clinic. The doctor there said it was probably allergy related and, even though I have never had allergies before, due to the mild winter and resulting abnormally high pollen count even people that had never had allergies before were going to experience symptoms this year. He prescribed a z-pac and told me that I might try Claritin to alleviate some of the symptoms. So I took the z-pac for the 5 days and started the Claritin. At the end of the z-pac I still had the same burning feeling in my chest so I called him and told him and he prescribed another z-pac and a prednisone taper. After that round of medication I still had the same burning feeling in my chest. I went back into the clinic and he gave me a steroid breathing treatment and another prednisone taper along with another 6 day antibiotic. After I finished that round it still hadn't helped so I went back in. This time he gave me a chest x-ray
The doc said that there were what looked like some calcified nodes and a "blotchy" area. He said he was going to send it to radiology and he gave me a 10 day ciprofloxacin script. Also gave me an omeprozole script cause he said acid in my stomach could be lingering in my esophagus and causing burning feeling. The x-ray results came back normal a day or so later. Took the cipro script and the omeproz for the 10 days. This brings us up to the weekend before memorial day. That Saturday I felt horrible. Couldn't eat or drink anything without feeling very nauseas. By Sunday I could hardly move. Was very weak and lethargic. Wife took me to ER. They ran a barrage of blood tests and and did a dip test to see if I had a blood clot in lung. Blood test came back clear and blood clot test was good. They said it was probably the string of antibiotics that caused all the nausea. They gave me nexium 20mg and ondansetron for the nausea. I decided to get a second opinion at this point. I went to see my dads doc cause he had some health issues and his doc had quickly diagnosed and treated them and got him back on his feet. So the new doc looked me over and decided to get a ct done of my chest and a full pulmonary functions test. He said it could be reflux coming up and aspirating into my lungs. He uped the medium dosage to 40 mg and put me on advair and an inhalant regiment. He also did an ekg on me because I was experiencing a weird pressure/tingling in my chest. The ekg was normal so it was off to have the ct and pulm test done.
So I had the ct and it came back clear. The functions test was good except for 1 part. The way the air moves over my lungs was rated at 77%. The Tec said that was at the lower end of normal. She said the pulmonary doc would look over the results and send them to my doc. So that brings us up to today. Still have difficulty breathing and the same weird feeling in my chest. Still coughing up thick white mucus but no crazy colored phlem. H pylori test was negative as well. I have a follow up with new doc this Friday. Anyone out there have any ideas what the hell is going on?! I mean at the beginning of the year I was a happy healthy 32 year old guy. Now I constantly feel like crap and it is affecting every part of my life. Plz help.

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