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Hi, Im so desperate for help, hopefully i can find some answers on here.

I was diagnosed with a chest infection a few weeks ago, the GP gave me antibiotics and it cleared it up, However now i have a contant clearing of throat and im coughing up clear sticky mucus.

It sooooo bad in the morning, I have a coughing fit then I start gagging, i then start panicking and begin to uncontrollably start swallowing, this morning i couldnt breathe for about 30 seconds!!! Then up come a massive sticky clear mucus. I have been getting this every morning for the past week, throughout the day im not too bad, but if i start coughing then I know I will begin to start choking agin on this horrid mucus!

I went to GP again and he looked at the back of my tongue and said i had candida - from antibiotics, he said that the gag and phlem production could be from a reflex of the candida, but hes not 100% sure. He has given me NYSTAN for the candida.

I have also bought some Robitussin to try and help think the mucus down.

I just want to know what is causing this! Its horrible - i actually trhought i was going to diw this morning - 30 seconds not being able to breathe was horrific!!

Any advice or sound like somthing you are aware of? Please help!

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