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I know exactly how you feel. From what I researched, this is usually diagnosed as "chronic hyperventilation syndrome" (CHS) its symptoms being things like air hunger, constant yawning, chest disconfort, anxiety...

I've struggled with CHS for some years and I may now say I overcomed the problem. IT IS possible! There is a great post on the board called "Help for people with hyperventilation syndrome!" (search it) which presents a great method to tackle this.

Simply put, your anxiety is making your body breath more than it needs. At first, I didn't even notice I suffered from anxiety. With hindsight, I'm positive that was the cause.

Everyday, take some minutes for yourself. Lay down and breath slowly in and out. The key point is to make your exhalations longer than your inhalations. This way you are telling your body it's ok to exhale slowly, instead of grasping for the next lump of air immediatly. Try to do this everyday for 15 minutes (see the post I mentioned for specifics).

As days go by, you will feel more and more confortable breathing. Just be patient and disciplined. The ideia is to relax during these 15minutes, focusing only on your breathing. You can also see this as a sort of meditation (on an extra note for all people out there struggling with anxiety/depression: i've been practicing meditation for some months and my anxiety is almost gone!)

Good luck!

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