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I developed a cough around 6 months ago and on visit to doctor was told it was likely due to particulate matter/dirty air on subway which I had started traveling on during the previous six months.

The cough was mainly on waking, didn't last long and produced small quantities of greeny/grey phlegm and then usually subsided for the day until the next morning. Seemed reminiscent of occasional chest infections I had had years ago.

No other symptoms were observed and I visited Doctor after about 4 or 5 weeks or so. Doctor examined me, listened and said likely cause was dirty air or some form of contamination due to recent commuting and no medication was prescribed.

Cough continued for some weeks, then got a little more prevalent with coughing not only in morning, but occasionally before sleep and occasionally during the day, this continued for several more weeks then it stopped by itself so I did not visit doctor again.

My commuting too had eased up a lot too so I thought it had eventually left me - (I no longer do that commute either, stopped that months ago).

Then after being absent approx 12 weeks (that is about two or three weeks ago) it crept back once or twice a week and then most mornings and sometimes evenings, right now it is most mornings (not all) and sometimes evenings too when sitting on sofa - the cough feels and sounds the same and the occasional small lumps of phlegm are often darkish green/grey, single small lumps, not overly hard about the size of a pea I guess, I do not get the phlegm every time I get the cough and the cough rarely persists for long - a few minutes, cough up mucus/phlegm and then that's it until next morning/evening.

The cough however now - sometimes - seems to show a tiny amount of blood, one was a tiny very thin streak (finer than a hair) in one phlegm lump and yesterday (possibly) very tiny spots of blood (but might have been due to spiced food particles eaten just before) and once or twice what seems to be a very slightly red tinged sputum, never more than these tiny indications, so it does seem that tiny amounts of blood are sometime being produced.

So to summarize; the cough started around 6 months ago, persisted for about 8 weeks or so, disappeared for about 12 weeks and then returned about two weeks ago with the (apparent) presence of tiny amounts of blood - but not every time I cough. It is both persistent (has been around since 6 months ago) and resurgent (it stopped completely for 12 weeks) and other than first thing in the morning and sometimes evening - is rarely present during the day or night.

I'm female; used to smoke but stopped completely around 30 years ago (I'm 55) I have no other symptoms (but did develop migraine's out of the blue [I]around [/I]the same time but the timing of this is approx, from memory), however my father (who also stopped smoking but probably continued to a degree privately for many years I heard) developed lung cancer in his mid 70's and passed away from that a couple of years ago so naturally I am wondering about this as a cause.

I'd greatly appreciate any frank opinions on this whole situation.


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