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have been suffering with a sore ribcage for almost a year

It seems to come and go but is getting more and more frequent and lasting for long periods of time, weeks

The main symptoms include a constant tight feeling, although it does feel kind of muscular, like the muscles in my chest and back are somehow damaged, I get a shortness of breath with it, sometimes if its bad I feel dizzy

I am also getting facial numbness/aching around my nose, sometimes chin, and sides of face

Also last saturday I got a bad pressure headache, like something was squeezing my head

Also the skin in my chest and back is very tingly and feels cold

I get muscles spasms in chest and back, strange sensations like someone is poking me or pushing a hand against me.

For example, yesterday my ribs were tight all day, I seem to be able to control it when seated, but as soon as I start moving around it seems to make it worse, and start getting muscle spasms. I occasionally felt very dizzy when moving around. I also get hot

I had what I think was a panic attack at work, very breathless so I was breathing heavier, very dizzy, off balance, then trembling and shaky for 30 mins to an hour afterwards. This has happened to me 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks, usually when strolling around somewhere. I have also felt very breathless when climbing stairs, and yet I can go riding my bike up some very long hills

So I decided to go out on my bike last night for 45 mins. Within the first 5 mins of riding I had 2 episodes of a squeezing/spasm type feeling in my airways and lungs, just like someone was squeezing them tight, they onky lasted for a second or so and I was able to complete the ride without any other symptoms

Also sometimes when I breathe deeply my throat and airways feel like they are burning a little

I had a chest x ray about a month ago. I have had lots of cardio tests about 3 or 4 years ago and a recent ecg and bloods

I saw the doc 2 weeks ago and he says there is nothing wrong with me

I have a lot of anxiety that has built up over the years due to feeling unwell for a long time and obviously this isn't helping me

its driving me nuts

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