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About 4 months ago my SO's dad was put in the hospital for TB. He's having to stay there for 9 months. They told me that he was active. Well, I didn't know this until after they took him, and I lived in the home.

For the past month I have had sharp pain on my right side, back/rib area. Like, if I inhale it feels like something in that area is going to pop or explode... It has progressed to having sharp pain in my chest, right side as well, when I breathe. Now there is difficulty breathing. This is all getting pretty painful.

I was told if I go to the ER and they suspect/find TB on the chest xray that they will put me in isolation there for 2 weeks. Is this true? Can they do that?

This person also told me if I go to the health department they won't hold me.

I really don't want to be locked up in a hospital :( but this keeps getting worse day by day.

Can this be something other than TB?

Sorry if this post sounds dumb :/

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