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Not sure where to post this question, but I'm totally at the end of my rope & clueless as to what's wrong with me! For about a month, I've been having these dull sensations from my left rear chest, like towards the bottom of ribcage. First they felt like a vague bubbling sensation if I moved a certain way, and when I'd wake up especially after sleeping on my back or on my left side I'd feel sore on that side. I went to the ER they did a chest x-ray and said it was normal and EKG was normal and said it was Costochondritis (muscular). But about two weeks ago, I had a singing lesson where I got into it, and after that I noticed definate shortness of breath and some pain on my left side if I breathed deeply. A couple days after that I felt heaviness on my left side, along my collar bone, and felt like I couldn't quite get a deep breath on that side. And I started waking up in the morning for a couple of days feeling like a brick on my left upper chest, very unpleasant. I went to my regular doctor, he did another chest x-ray at my request, said it was normal to my surprise. The extreme heaviness has gone away mostly now but in the past few days I have been waking up with this gurgling/bubbling sensation in my left middle back after I have been laying on my back. I take a couple of breaths and it goes away.

I went to the ER again yesterday and they did a chest CT scan and said it was normal. Not even a slight pneumothorax, which I was worried about. The ER doc said he thought my symptoms are caused by lung secretions or allergies which pool at night when I'm at rest. he didn't give me any medicine or anything, just advised I take allergy meds if needed. My mind was eased somewhat by the CT results, because don't they show anything wrong in the chest? I do have allergies but they've always been in my nasal and throat areas not my chest unless I had a bad cold which I don't. And I never feel congested at all in my chest of feel the need to cough during the day. I don't get it. I still feel a bit winded but since the CT results came back ok yesterday, I am baffled!

My other thought was a heart issue like mitral valve prolapse or regurgitation, but wouldn't the recent x-rays and ct-scan have shown that too? So what is it, just drainage? And if so is there no treatment for it? I'm just tired of waking up with this gurgling and the doctors all say nothing is wrong. The ER doc yesterday did tell me to see a pulmonologist. I will, but what is causing this? I used to smoke, but I quit three years ago. Also, along with the gurgling symptoms in my middle back when I wake up, during the day, I feel this weird pressure sensation in my lower left back area if I move a certain way. I am only 31, 5'11, and 170. I'm fairly fit, I do have a small bit of a belly but I have a tall slim frame and have always been pretty healthy. I did have a pneumothroax on my left side many years ago (when I was 18 and much skinnier & it healed itself) but the x-rays and ct-scan I've had in recent days all said I had none. I have had heart tests, echocardiograms, but the last one was like 2 years ago because I had a routine screening due to some family history of heart problems. But wouldn't the CT also pick up anything heart or lung related? Should I request another echocardiogram? Isn't a CT better than an echo though? My gut is that this is a lung issue. But all the recent imaging tests came back clear. What else can I do to try & get to the bottom of this? Should I ask for an inhaler?

So basically wouldn't the CT-scan yesterday have shown any lung fluid/heart problems? I'm sure the ER doc would have mentioned if it had shown any mitral valve problem, right? So Why am I having the gurgling when I breathe in when I wake up and get out of bed in the morning? I hate to go yet again to the ER, but if it doesn't go away I don't know what else to do. Maybe it is just drainage in the lung. But does it just have to go away itself? I do have a window air conditioner in my window that blows constantly, I'm sure the inside has mold in it, maybe that could be it? I just don't know. How long I am going to have to deal with this. It's annoying.

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