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[QUOTE=quincy;5219766]Hi...Were you tubed and had pleurodesis done?

I had a few collapses that didn't require any treatment (but I didn't know what they were...I thought a pulled muscle), but I eventually had a collapse that required hospitalisation, 3 failed tubings and an eventual thoracotomy.

I believe it IS possible you still have teeny blebs that are possibly allowing some air to seep in when you lay down, but not enough to collapse. It is also possible that you do have allergies and some congestion, but I can't see that it'll cause you that type of discomfort.

When did you have the collapse?

I also have neck and upper back issues with muscles/nerves. Lately, it's been pretty reactive. The other evening I was laying down on the couch watching TV and had that familiar sensation across my chest and across my throat of pressure...and of course, you know the first thought was lung. But, when I sat up, it eased a bit and took about 5 minutes to totally go away. I did see the chiropractor yesterday, so hopefully that will help. But it wasn't a constant thing like yours...

Did you recently have a cold that you were coughing?

You can easily test the one theory by taking an antihistamine in the evening or closer to bedtime.

Reflux can certainly cause much discomfort, shortness of breath and gurgling, but it would be more in the throat area than in the upper chest area. But it is possible you have a few things happening.

When you do see the pulmonologist, maybe ask if there's a test that could see if you have small blebs. I think an MRI could show it...but haven't checked into it. Since you would be laying might show something.

Please keep me updated on how you're doing and the outcome of your appointment.


Hi, thanks again for the response. To answer your questions, my actual pneumothorax on the left side was about 13 years ago, and healed itself. It was definately different and worse than what I'm having now. I had sharper pain, and felt winded all day, and it wasn't worse in the morning for example. It healed itself. I had no procedure done for it. Again, I've had like 3 chest x-rays in the last few weeks and all were normal. The CT scan was normal and I laid down for it. The doctors said even small pneumothorax would show up on them. So what's causing the gurgling when I inhale in the morning when I first get up? The docs said a pneumothroax doesn't just disappear and appear. And it seems they ruled out any cardiac problem. I am going to see my primary one more time next week. They told me at the ER even a small pneumothorax or leak would show up on the CT scan which it didn't. So it seems if I did have any small blebs they would have shown up.

Maybe it is just allergy drainage. I don't know. But why no coughing and why just one side. Also, during the day I have soreness in my left upper back almost feels muscular. It's like a dull ache. I just don't see why if it was a pneumothorax it would only be there in the morning and not all the time, the doctors said pneumothorax don't come and go, you either have one or you don't, and based on the tests so far, it seems I don't.

Guess I'll just ask my primary care doc again, I'm tired of going to the doctor so much. Maybe I just need to ignore this. Oh yeah, and nope, I haven't been sick at all lately or had any kind of cold at all. I do have hay fever but that's just sneezing and itchy eyes not the gurgling when I wake up in morning. Maybe this is just something I need to ignore like the doctors say.

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