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I was sick with an upper respiratory virus (?) so MD did chest X-ray, lungs were clear except for a 5mm nodule on left lobe. This was September 2012.

Primary care decided to send me for a CT scan, report stated that a 3mm nodule was seen on CT scan at the superior aspect of the Left lower lobe. No mention was made as to the borders, calcification or any other characteristics. Report stated nodule was of questionable concern and to follow up in 6 months.

MArch 2013 ( 6 months later) went for second CT scan. Report stated nodule was still there and had no significant growth. The report stated that nodule was 4.7 mm and that is was originally 4.6mm???? How can that be? The priro report said 3mm. Report recommended I follow up in 12 month, to establish long term stability. Still no mention of nodule characteristics

The reason this is coming up now is that I thought I was due for follow up CT and picked up previous report.

MD is refusing to send me for another CT scan at this time due to radiation.

I am stressed beyond belief. I am 31 year old female with no cancer history. I have smoked in the past for 10 years not heavy and off and on.

My doctor stated that she is not concerned and does not even see the need for any follow up.

Does anyone have any experience with sick to my stomach over this.

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