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Iíve been having breathing problems when sleeping and lying down for a few years. My nose gets blocked as soon as I lie down, and I often wake gasping for breath. My chest and ribs often feel sore, it feels muscular.
If I fall asleep sitting on the sofa, I will usually wake with aching ribs and feeling like my lungs are not filling, luckily it doesnít seem as bad when sleeping in bed, although I do wake a few times every night.

I have had chest pains since being a teenager. I had some cardio tests in around 2010 and they seemed ok except for some artheriosclerosis

Sept 2012

Rib cage was feeling sore and tight every time I was moving around, even doing small tasks like washing dishes, hoovering etc

I went to the ER and they did an ecg, a chest x-ray, then another ecg about an hour later. I told them that I had previous cardio tests and then they said they would keep me in overnight. They took blood at night and then again in the morning, along with another ecg. The doctor I saw in the morning seemed puzzled as to why I had been kept in overnight as all the tests looked ok. He told me it was probably a muscular problem

Dec 2013

Met my girlfriend in Warsaw. We were fooling around and I picked her up, I felt like I couldnít breathe properly for a few seconds

March 2013

I was going to Brussels by train. In the morning I went to the station, I was feeling a bit unwell, cold, dizzy. I then realised the train was going from the opposite platform, so I had to carry my suitcase up the steps and over the bridge. I got up the steps and it felt like the air was being squeezed out of my lungs. I was gasping to fill my lungs for what seemed like ages, but in reality was probably 10 or 20 seconds. I was so shaken up by it that I was trembling for about half an hour

I continued the journey but felt pretty bad the whole time I was in Brussels. Feeling dizzy a lot, while walking to my hotel I was feeling sick and dizzy and hot. Had a panic attack in the hotel reception.

I was walking to the shops with my girlfriend and started feeling strange, unreal, and nervous. I told her I would go back to the hotel. When I started walking back I had chest pain and felt like I was falling forward, I had to steady myself on a wall. My girlfriend then walked slowly with me back to the hotel.

On the journey back, I had problems with the trains in London and had to go on the underground, which meant carrying luggage up stairs again, every time I felt breathless, even when climbing the stairs slowly.

When I did get home I did manage to carry my case up the stairs without the same symptoms

July 2013

Was having a game of tennis, nothing serious, just messing around. If I had to run for a few balls, I was getting this feeling like my breathing was restricted, like my airways were tight. It seemed to be related to movement of the upper body, as though the twisting was bringing it on

I have noticed that if I stand straight, looking in the mirror, and dip my shoulders alternately, I get a wheezing sound in my throat

Dec 2013

Helping my mum clear out rubble and plaster during a house renovation. I was wearing a dust mask. Again having problems breathing, like my lungs were not filling

During this time I have been going on brisk 30 minute walks and mountain biking around Hayfield (a hilly area near me), usually for an hour, up steep hills, without feeling these breathing problems

Sometimes I feel like my throat down into my chest is tight, sometimes it feels like burning

I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and I am being treated for it now, but I wonder if there are other reasons for my symptoms

I have lots of other symptoms too

General symptoms

-Almost constantly light-headed and dizzy which sometimes becomes more intense

-Feeling unreal, dream like

-sleep apnea, waking gasping for breath, waking feeling like the upper part of my lungs are empty, upper chest aches

-chest pain, stabbing pains in left shoulder, pains in left upper arm

-impaired consciousness and confusion

-constant ringing in ears

-balance problems, feeling like the floor is moving when walking, feeling like I am falling when seated

-temperature problems, sometimes sweating, sometimes very cold

-feeling breathless

-stiff aching muscles and joints

-sore eyes


-Facial tingling and headaches

-Occasional pins and needles in hands and feet

More recent symptoms

-Whole ribcage feeling sore a lot, aching, and tight

-Feeling breathless, sometimes even when talking, voice seems hoarse in the mornings especially

-Eyes seemed to be wandering, not able to focus on one point

-Tightness in throat

-Feeling like the floor was moving

-Aching legs

-Sore feet

-Weak arms and shoulders

-Dizziness worse when turning head, seems movement related somehow, when changing direction quickly

-Stomach pains centre of stomach and lower right abdomen, stomach making noises at night, constipation and diarrhea

-Cold feeling in teeth, throat and down into my lungs, as though breathing really cold air

-Off balance when walking, sometimes feels like someone is pulling on one shoulder, or twisting my head or shoulders to the left or right, and feeling like the floor is moving

-Sometimes feeling the urgent need to urinate

-Mouth and throat burning, occasional bad breath

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