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Not much noise actually, I can hear it but nobody else hears it. It's like something tickles a bit inside, kind of like when you have to expectorate some mucus, except it's more deep into the lungs. I breathe fine, and also I don't feel this all the time, but often enough to scare me. I had something that I believe was a flu, no fever but a lot of productive cough and runny nose. The coughing ended 2 days ago.

I have a history of panic attacks, and needless to say this new simptom brings on lots and lots of panic.

I'm a woman, I am 29, I used to smoke until 5 years ago, and in the last few months I have been in an environment where everyone would smoke, so I sat in lots of cigarette smoke and I even smoked myself, but that ended more than a month ago. I no longer sit in cigarette smoke and I no longer smoke.

Any opinions at all are more than welcome, I need to get an idea of what this could be before I go see a doc. So please, please help!
Hi there,

This sounds like a very reasonable response from your body considering the things you mentioned in your post.

Hearing you have been able to get yourself out of the super smoky air is great news. Although a month has passed, it will take longer for your lungs to be clear of the effects of the smoky air...especially since you have been fighting off a cold. I have also had a pesky cold, and the chesty cough still pops up. It seems worse in the mornings, night, after exertion or laughing even.

I would give yourself another few weeks/months of healthy living to enjoy the best effects of clearing your air. Nothing to worry about unless your symptoms worsen dramatically.

Best to you,

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