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Re: Lungs
Jun 16, 2014
Rosie, Welcome to the boards. I can tell you my experience and a little more about lung nodules in general. I have had lung nodules in past about the same size. 4mm is small, and the smaller they are the more likely to be benign. Lung nodules occur in many conditions, so your general health, history of infections, any symptoms, history of other medical/surgical conditions all play a part in figuring out what they might be from. The appearance of them is important too. So usually, you see a pulmonologist, they go over everything with you, examine you and suggest some tests, like blood tests to start. If they are concerned it is POSSIBLY something serious they may suggest a bronchoscopy with biopsy, but that doesn't mean cancer, it just means finding out what the nodules are. That procedure is done with you asleep. Where you live plays a role as small granulomas (scars) often show up in people where histoplasmosis or Valley fever is endemic (Midwest and Calif respectively). So I have inflammatory nodules that come and go related to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Since mine were small like yours, they opted to "watch" them and repeated CT scans a couple of times to make sure they weren't getting bigger. Mine went away, but could come back anytime. I hope you find out soon. More likely to be benign than malignant statistically.

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