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Hi Everyone, well I have been in hospital the last 3 days!! I started to feel a bit better, but at night I just feel like im so badly struggling to breathe and my oxygen levels won't rise above 92% so I decided to go to my gp for her advice. She sent me straight to hospital as an admission!! Which is very strange, ive never heard of that before....she said she wasn't at all happy with my low oxygen levels. Well got to the hospital and as usual no beds, massive queues and no drs available, absolute shambles. But when I did see a dr she said at first look at me I looked good as I wasn't short of breath or anything, but she said as soon as she listened to my chest/back the whole of it is one big crackling gluggling popping noise, she said it was the whole of my front and back, from my hips up to my throat front and back?? not just the chest area? Straight away I was sent to a ward.
I was happy with this as I felt so much safer than being at home This dr did say it must be pneumonia not pleurisy.
I had intravenous antibiotics as the tablet ones just were not doing it, and I had some oxygen which felt really good, so relieving to me. The very next morning the respiratory consultant comes to do his rounds, he comes to me and he barely spent 2 minutes with me, he was in such a rush to get his patients all done and dusted, it makes you feel like crap to be treated like this. He said that I could go straight back on tablet antibiotics? Didn't need the oxygen but to have nebulisers, and I could go home, I tried telling him how I was struggling to breathe and felt like I was suffocating so he said I could stay till the morning then?? I went on to ask him exactly what was wrong with me and why was I struggling to breathe and why was my oxygen so low, he said he didn't know?? The chest xray showed no pleurisy, no pneumonia?? He said he was now off on his holiday for a weeks so would see me in his clinic as an outpatient when he got back, and off he went?

So I have no idea what is wrong with me, i'm now at home, sitting in an armchair, if I do anything I can't breathe, I cannot get my oxygen levels up from 90/91 and I am bloody struggling to do anything at all, I can't even dress myself. Last night when I went to bed I struggled like hell to keep breathing, its a fight to get the air through all this wheezing stuff I can feel all over my chest, I keep trying to sleep sitting upright, but its not working as I slip down. I did say to this cocky consultant ' im not astmatic, but he said he may disagree with this, but will tell me more in his clinic....well I have a daughter of 23 who has had severe asthma all her life, I have seen her extremely ill and struggling to breathe, but an asthma attack does not last 3 weeks, things relieve it, like pumps, oxygen, nebulisers and so on, nothing is relieving mine, nothing at all. So I don't agree its asthma.
I did try to speak to another dr on the ward, and I asked him straight do I have the starting of COPD, he said he didn't know, he said I have a deterioration in my lungs??? What the hell does that mean, but he said as he didn't know my case he couldn't say anymore.
So I sit here now, on all these drugs that are not helping me breathe in the slightest, waiting for an appointment for this outpatient clinic, and I can't do anything, I can't walk more than say ten feet, because I get so badly breathless, i'm scared to go to bed because im suffocating, my oxygen levels to me are way too low, and when I cough, im am so severely congested I suffocate. But, ive been sent home like this, to sit and wait for this consultant to see me. I am bloody disgusted, how can they leave me like this, because an animal would not be left like this. Thank God my husband has the next two weeks off of work, because ican't do anything for myself. Im suddenly disable.
To say im angry is an understatement, my gp sent me to hospital because I am like this, but they feel its ok to just send me home, im was having 4 hourly nebulisers in there, they havnt even sent me home with any, not even an asthma spray??? Im not happy. xx

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