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Right lung??
Dec 21, 2014
Last month after i had alcohol i woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick and i was sick. The next day i was sick and i projectile vomited. Since then i felt sickly on and off and i had a few weird right side stomach pains.I started sweating at night in bed. I then started having upper back ache and an ache in my right shoulder blade area which i thought was just muscular. My right shoulder hurts if i do shoulder rolls and all the top of my chest hurts when i do this too. If i sniff or cough i get shooting pains in my neck for a second. I've also started feeling like i can't breath properly and the bottom of my throat at the base of my neck feels restricted and raw with breathing.
My gp said i have gerd/acid reflux but it feels like it's my right lung.
Anyone any ideas?

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