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Hi my husband is 69 and has COPD and still smokes and smokes. He still works though because.....if he stops work i told him we cant afford him to smoke as well on a he would rather work and smoke and die a lingering death. I did say he can still smoke but it would have to be roll ups. In the UK a packet of cigs cost about 7.00 I think and he smokes a pack a day so thats about 50.00 on cigs(about 75dollars), plus he has to have beer too.....

He is very very ill right now. Gone down to 7st 6lb which in kilos is 47. He is 5ft 11ins tall. His doctor told him if they cant get his COPD under control they will loose him. (They all like him and he is a likeable guy to be honest).

I am beyond distraught. I have MS and quite ill myself but do everything i can to keep myself as healthy as i can.

He cant do anything for me now, and he can just about do things for himself. I am sat watching him dying in front of me, and he wont give up the fags.

I know its an addiction i have been there myself many moons ago. What is so annoying about 8 years ago he quit for 8 months and looked fabulous and so healthy again....

He is off sick now and struggles to breath and has terrible shakes. He couldnt even open his Christmas presents.

His oxygen level is down, but they cant give him oxygen as he smokes.

I dont even know why i am writing this, as you cant do anything but i am so bereft and scared for him. I just cant get through to him.

I dont see him with me at Christmas.

I have just had to get rid of my cats because their hair was triggering off his asthma too....its all about sacrifice for him, but he does nothing to help himself.

Sorry i dont expect you need me whining about him, but i have no where to go....he wont listen to me and we end up arguing.

I think he is on his last legs so does his doctor is there anything i can do to make him see sense? Has anyone been here and came around?

I just dont know what to do anymore. Sorry just so exhausted worrying about him. x

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