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... jboon, your message was very helpful! i have had this problem for 4 years, and it is so elusive! i have the exact symptoms you do. lately it has gotten much better, but i am so worried it will come back. it seems as if i have no control over how bad it gets, very strange. i have been doing breathing exercises and i am getting much better, i am not sure if it is the... (4 replies)
... i don't know anyone else with vcd and none of the doctors or trainers here at college know anything about it. i have tried the breathing exercises but i play soccer and through winter conditioning, my breathing has gotten unmanagable. ... (20 replies)
... In one week, the mucous ball in the back of my throat went away, my ear pain and fulness started to subside and the yawning urge slowed down and finally went away. ... (35 replies)

... This is called Air Hunger, when you cannot get a full breath in. The yawning occurs to try to facilitate that, also very deep breathing, but this can lead to hyperventilation. Some say breathing into a paper bag works for them. ... (4 replies)
... rather than lung breathing. This is also recommended for the condition called Vocal Cord Dysfunction, which may be what some air hunger people have. Abdominal breathing allows the lungs, chest and throat to relax and can actually break the cycle of yawning and trying to get a full breath. ... (35 replies)
... Just about everytime I drink a soda, ESP one out of the can, I will have trouble taking a breath for a few days. Including difficultly yawning and sometimes with rapid heart beats. ... (14 replies)
... I have never had a problem breathing until early 2006...I'm not certain exactly when it came about, just early in this year. ... (31 replies)
... anxiety, and I found if I took and extra .5mg when I was having these episodes, it helped me to relax and breathe more normally. I have also started to try deep breathing from my diaphragm rather than shallower breathing which causes the rib cage to overexpand. ... (6 replies)
... i am new to this board and glad to see to that so many other people experience the same problems as I. I have been suffering with the "difficulty" breathing for almost 2 years now. Sometimes I think it is gone, but soon find out that it is still hanging around, strong as ever. ... (0 replies)
... asthma, etc. Nothing was significant. Several doctors said it's probably anxiety induced. I tried Zoloft which didn't help my breathing and currently take Lexapro. ... (4 replies)
Nov 25, 2003
... asthma, etc. Nothing was significant. Several doctors said it's probably anxiety induced. I tried Zoloft which didn't help my breathing and currently take Lexapro. ... (36 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel. From what I researched, this is usually diagnosed as "chronic hyperventilation syndrome" (CHS) its symptoms being things like air hunger, constant yawning, chest disconfort, anxiety... I've struggled with CHS for some years and I may now say I overcomed the problem. IT IS possible! There is a great post on the board called "Help for people with... (5 replies)
... I read all the previous post about having a hard time breathing and having to yawn to try and get a breath. I have the same problem. I am desparate to figure out what is wrong because it is so uncomfortable of a feeling. ... (14 replies)
... The muscles in that part of my back are very stiff and I'm not sure if the breathing funny causes the muscle pain or if the muscle problems cause the breathing issues. So frustrating, and happy I am not alone. ... (14 replies)
... Hey drcassinelli, I know exactly how you feel. I have the same problem! I can never take a deep breath, and I always seem to be yawning in order to get any type of breath. It's very annoying, and it scares me sometimes. ... (5 replies)
Jan 20, 2006
... probably every few minutes. It's very annoying. All the advice on here is great. I'm going to try the nose breathing and get some of the books too. Thank you to everyone for sharing. It's at least helpful to know that there is a name for this. ... (36 replies)
Nov 24, 2003
... I read one of your earlier posts about the breathing exercises, I got a book by Dinah Bradley that talks about breathing with your stomach. I tried it a couple times but I feel like yawning. I can't tell if it's helping or actually doing anything? ... (36 replies)
... -Shortness of breath while sitting, eating, doing anything. -excessive sighing and yawning (without getting the "full" feeling in my lungs) -burning sensation in my chest (only a spot between my breasts where i imagine the "bridge" between the lungs are) -dizzyness I have been to my doctor twice in less than a week for breathing treatments (one time i just about... (5 replies)
... worse to the point where I was needing to take a deep breath every few breaths but finding that only about 1 in 5 actually did the job. I also had the constant yawning but no coughing. The strain of trying to take a deep breath is actually starting to hurt my chest. Never had this problem before in my life! ... (4 replies)
Air Hunger
Aug 1, 2009
... I'm just wondering if anyone has found something that helps. On person suggested breathing into a paper bag but that has never worked for me. Any insights appreciated. ... (18 replies)

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