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... i was recently diagnoses with blastomycosis. Are you from the great lakes region, by chance? (more prominent here). Some of the same symptoms apply. (17 replies)
... Anyone have an update? I have similar complaints of blood tinged phlegm when I cough in the morning. I have though been battling sinus issues and nasal allergies the last month or so. It always seems to be mostly present in the morning. I am going to see an ENT this week. (17 replies)
... i gotten this too since last week. any update from you guys? (17 replies)

... I too have been experiencing the same thing. Bloody phlegm in the mornings and also when I blow my nose. The blood does not show up unless I try hard to hark the phlegm up. My family is steeped with simus problems. But I have never heard any of them complain of blood. I don't want to scare any of them by telling them my story though. Could this be sinus related? (17 replies)
Jan 1, 2007
... of fluids keep lung secretions thinner making them easier to cough up. Finish any antibiotics ordered by your MD and notify your MD if you are running a temp or coughing up yellow or green phlegm. ... (3 replies)
... hanks again for responding. I feel a bit better today and actually was able to lie down last night and sleep for at least part of the night. Still very sore from coughing though. ... (2 replies)
Please help
Sep 6, 2006
... It's been in the back of my right rib for a few weeks now, along with my chest feeling tight, shortness of breath and wheezing, im also coughing up pale coloured lumpy mucus. ... (1 replies)
... an underactive thyroid, and i have a chest infection at the mo, we all had this virus me and the kids but mine always goes into an infection i have green flem always! ... (5 replies)
... hen I saw him a couple of weeks later, he gave me a better checkup than he ever had in the 2 years I have been seeing him. Peggy, I think when the exhaustion or coughing starts you can be sure the MAC is active. ... (237 replies)
... I must say that i have never heard of anyone getting their "lungs cleaned out" unless you are talking about a Bronchoscopy. If this procedure is what you are talking about, I would research it and read about the risks it can involve. Good Luck, Valley (5 replies)
... orderline emphysema at 41. I do not take anything except alburterol as far as meds for the asthma. I do take Celtic seasalt, which has very significantly made my coughing cut down. I refuse to take steriods. They make my fibromyalgia worse, and make me very crabby. ... (5 replies)
... Since Sunday I Have Been Spitting Up Green Phlem ( I Know Gross), Haven't Really Been Coughing. I Sleep In Ac All Night Since Its Been Hot. And It Just Feels Like A Heavyness In My Chest. What Could This Be. I Don't Show Any Signs Of A Cold, Fever None Of That. South249 (1 replies)
... not detected this time. The infectious disease doctor and the lung doctor have decided that they will not do anything further until I get worse coughing up a lot of blood, etc. So I will not be going back on the antibiotics, etc. that I was on originally for the MAC. ... (237 replies)
... hat is was not detected. The infectious disease doctor and the lung doctor have decided that they will not do anything further until I get worse coughing up a lot of blood, etc. So I will not be going back on the antibiotics, etc. that I was on originally for the MAC. ... (5 replies)
Mar 5, 2005
... I ended up getting more antibiotics and after coughing up another bucket o' green stuff, I think I am finally on the road to recovery. ... (4 replies)
... I have something very similar.... It started about 4 days ago, I woke up and coughed the usual junk out of my throat (I tend to sleep with my mouth open), and took a shower as I always did, but when I got out and "hacked" some phlegm into the sink I noticed it had very dark blood in it. So I assumed it was from my sinus (I blew my nose right away and there was blood in it),... (17 replies)
... Do you have any sinus issues? I have had this happen before thinking it was coming from my lungs but it is actually post nasal drip. (17 replies)
... took antibiotics and a tuberculosis medicine from July 2003 to Sept. 2004 for that. The doctor took me off the medicine but I think I still have the MAC. I was coughing mostly at night because I would have a tickle in the bronchial area and it was hard to get anything up. When I did, it would be a yellowish green color. ... (10 replies)
... my husband was coughing up large amounts of thick,green phlegm around 2 years ago.he went to see a specialist who said it "could be bronchiectasis. ... (2 replies)
... and that sounds like something has calcified. I just wonder if that is what I have been coughing up that is of a granular substance...almost like chalk breaking up into tiny pieces. I asked the doctor if he thought it was mucous plugs and he said yes. ... (104 replies)

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