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Lung & Respiratory Disorders / COPD Board Index


gag on phlegm (34)
gag phlegm (41)
gag when breathe deep (13)
gag when cough phlegm (16)
gag when take deep breath (15)
gagging and the feeling of something stuck in your throat (14)
gagging phlegm (16)
gall bladder prednisone (23)
gargle in chest (22)
gargle in your lungs (10)
gargle to clear throat (46)
gargling chest (24)
gargling chest (24)
gargling in lungs (10)
gargling in the chest (17)
garlic and respiratory infection (16)
gas + trouble breathing (83)
gas affect breathing (15)
gas and breathing (433)
gas and breathing problems (136)
gas and breathing trouble (73)
gas and swollen ankles (18)
gas and trouble breathing (75)
gas breathing (581)
gas breathing problems (205)
gas breathing trouble (83)
gas cause trouble breathing (21)
gas having problems breathing (77)
gas in stomach trouble breathing (27)
gas problems (3784)
gas problems and breathing (203)
gas that effects your breathing (35)
gas trouble (783)
gas trouble and breathing problem (21)
gas trouble and trouble breathing (75)
gas trouble breathing (68)
gas trouble in lungs (14)
gas trouble symptoms (200)
gas trouble what can you eat (74)
gas, trouble breathing (83)
gas, trouble breathing, dizziness (12)
gasping dry cough (17)
gastric problem and short breathing (13)
gastric trouble and breathing trouble (15)
gastritis (4407)
gastritis and cough (60)
gastritis and coughing (24)
gastritis causing cough (11)
gastritis cough (62)
gastritis coughing (33)
gastritis make cough (10)
gastritis with a cough (58)
gastritis, cough (63)
genetic pulmonary fibrosis (16)
gerd (12340)
gerd and air hunger (25)
gerd and chest tightness (262)
gerd and constant throat clearing (83)
gerd and coughing up mucus (37)
gerd and feeling like lungs hurt (10)
gerd and lung nodules (10)
gerd and lungs problems (136)
gerd and pain when coughing (61)
gerd and shoulder pain (323)
gerd and shoulder pain? (325)
gerd and upper back and lung pain (10)
gerd back pain and wheezing (13)
gerd back pain shoulders (95)
gerd breathlessness (38)
gerd bronchiectasis (12)
gerd chest pain bending over (14)
gerd chest tightness (267)
gerd chronic wheezing (13)
gerd clearing throat mucus (33)
gerd coughing up phlegm (29)
gerd ginger juice (26)
gerd lung damage (22)
gerd lung infection (32)
gerd lung pain (85)
gerd pain in shoulders (123)
gerd pain shoulder (347)
gerd pain shoulders (123)
gerd pain when deep breath (62)
gerd persistent cough (20)
gerd pressure on throat (232)
gerd related chest pains (109)
gerd shoulder and back pain (230)
gerd shoulder and back pain (230)
gerd shoulder and back pain (230)
gerd shoulder pain (279)
gerd shoulder, back pain? (247)
gerd symptoms back and shoulder pain (113)
gerd symptoms shoulder pain (164)
gerd vicodin (22)
gerd with shoulder pain (257)
get a full breath air (238)
get bronchitis 3 times a year (222)
get bronchitis every year (225)
get congested and cough after i eat (13)
get dizzy singing (77)
get dizzy when singing (56)
get dizzy while singing (18)
get food in the lungs (487)
get hot and start coughing (47)
get lightheaded when i talk (186)
get mind off breathing (911)
get mucus off 6 month chest (18)
get out of breath when i sing (57)
get out of breath when i talk (1425)
get out of breath when i talk (1425)
get over the feeling of not being able to breathe (197)
get pains in shoulder when cough (39)
get pneumonia in summer (84)
get pneumonia twice (136)
get rid of a morning cough (86)
get rid of chest cough (110)
get rid of pneumonia (159)
get rid of wheezing (65)
get rid pneumonia (159)
get short of breath while talking (73)
get sick cold summer (294)
get sick during the summer (371)
get sick in summer (1767)
get sick in the summer cold (287)
get sick summer (1891)
gets tired and out of breath after talking for a while + homeopathy (15)
getting (413323)
getting a cold bronchitis (283)
getting a cough from eating (174)
getting a deep breath (1270)
getting a full breath (852)
getting a headache as coughing (77)
getting a headache from coughing (57)
getting a headache when coughing (79)
getting a low grade fever after pneumonia (22)
getting a satisfying breath (42)
getting a scan on my lungs scared (35)
getting a yawn stuck (71)
getting black cough (71)
getting blood in phlegm (79)
getting bronchitis (1086)
getting bronchitis twice (75)
getting cough after eating (186)
getting deep yawn (163)
getting deep yawn (163)
getting dizzy after singing (22)
getting dizzy due to talking (79)
getting dizzy while talking (237)
getting enough air (1405)
getting enough breath (1627)
getting faint when talking (79)
getting full breath (646)
getting headache after coughing (56)
getting lungs cleaned (25)
getting over a cold now coughing up blood (29)
getting pneumonia from a respirator (10)
getting pneumonia in the summer (34)
getting really bad pains in my back when i cough (35)
getting rid of a pneumonia cough (21)
getting rid of cough after pneumonia (14)
getting rid of pneumonia (73)
getting rid of wheeze (10)
getting rid of yellow cough (11)
getting sick during summer (210)
getting sick during summer only (140)
getting sick during the summer (210)
getting sick from hot weather (72)
getting sick in he summer (507)
getting sick in hot weather (92)
getting sick in summer (722)
getting sick in summer months (426)
getting sick in summer season (19)
getting sick in the summer (908)
getting sick in the summer saying (126)
getting sick on prednisone (242)
give talk lose breath (67)
go away plz (326)
go to hospital trouble breathing (266)
go to the doctor for coughing phlegm at night (24)
going off the ventilator (69)
good information about the lungs (168)
good information about the lungs (168)
good feeling when take deep breath (430)
good lung doctors (798)
good oxygen reading (283)
good oxygen readings (20)
good to cough stuff up pneumonia (23)
got bronchitis and at night i can feel my chest in area of heart (38)
got dizzy after talking (449)
got dizzy from talking (570)
got food in my lungs (225)
got hurt at one time in my left lung (59)
got liquid in lung (34)
got sick and shoulders started to hurt really bad (42)
grade 3 grade 4 chest pain (341)
grade 3 pneumonia (167)
grandma with pneumonia (45)
granuloma cancer (50)
granuloma chest x ray (28)
granuloma in the right lower lobe (10)
granuloma lower lobe (11)
granuloma nodule in the lung (25)
granuloma right lower lobe (10)
granuloma x-ray lung (22)
gray in mucus (11)
gray mucus (14)
green (20777)
green and red phlegm (19)
green in my mouth cough (40)
green and blood phlegm (36)
green and bloody phlegm (17)
green and bloody sinus (27)
green and bloody sinuses (13)
green and brown phlegm (11)
green and phlegm (198)
green and red coughing up (29)
green and red mucus (30)
green and red phlegm (16)
green blood in phlegm (36)
green blood phlegm (38)
green bloody phlegm (21)
green brown phlegm (10)
green chest cough (143)
green chest phlegm (48)
green coming out when coughing (25)
green congestion in morning (28)
green cough with red (35)
green hard phlegm (20)
green lung phlegm (29)
green lungs cough (87)
green mucus blood (94)
green mucus blood (94)
green mucus blood (94)
green mucus but no fever (28)
green mucus cough blood (19)
green mucus cough no fever (12)
green mucus no fever (32)
green mucus reflux (19)
green mucus with blood (66)
green mucus with red (23)
green mucus with red (23)
green mucus with some blood (44)
green n red mucus (31)
green or yellow phlegm symptoms (13)
green phelgm (13)
green phlegm (177)
green phlegm + blood (44)
green phlegm 1 week (36)
green phlegm and blood (36)
green phlegm and blood in morning (13)
green phlegm and little blood (10)
green phlegm and no coughing (41)
green phlegm and no fever (24)
green phlegm blood (38)
green phlegm bloody (22)
green phlegm but no cough (36)
green phlegm but no fever (27)
green phlegm chest (65)
green phlegm chest coughing up (32)
green phlegm chest x-ray (13)
green phlegm cough blood (25)
green phlegm coughed up (16)
green phlegm fever (36)
green phlegm from chest (33)
green phlegm from lungs (19)
green phlegm from my lungs (22)
green phlegm in chest (53)
green phlegm in lungs (25)
green phlegm in my nose (33)
green phlegm in my throat (62)
green phlegm in throat (85)
green phlegm infection (99)
green phlegm lung (29)
green phlegm lungs (30)
green phlegm no cough (34)
green phlegm no fever (25)
green phlegm no other symptoms (11)
green phlegm on chest (43)
green phlegm on lungs (19)
green phlegm pneumonia (25)
green phlegm red (19)
green phlegm should go to doctor (21)
green phlegm them no phlegm (13)
green phlegm with blood (25)
green phlegm with blood in (31)
green phlegm with blood in it (21)
green phlegm with no cough (31)
green phlegm without cough (11)
green phlegm, no cough (42)
green phlegm, no fever (25)
green phlem (36)
green red mucus (31)
green red phlegm (16)
green snot (113)
green snot what is it (41)
green thick phlegm (13)
green with bloody phlegm (13)
green with red phlegm (10)
green yellow phlegm (61)
green yellow phlegm blood (12)
green, bloody phlegm (21)
green/bloody phlegm (22)
greenish cough (66)
greenish phlegm (39)
greenish phlegm with blood (10)
greenish yellow phlegm (17)
grey mucous (10)
grey mucus what is it? (14)
growing nodule in left lung (12)
guide to mouth breathing (14)
gunk back of nose morning (17)
gurgle on left side (13)
gurgling and wheezing (15)
gurgling breath (56)
gurgling by heart (25)
gurgling down left side (33)
gurgling feeling in chest (62)
gurgling feeling in chest left side (11)
gurgling feeling in right side and ribs (10)
gurgling feeling left side of back (17)
gurgling feeling on left side (29)
gurgling feeling on my left side (28)
gurgling feeling when breathing (13)
gurgling feeling when i breathe in (11)
gurgling from left side of chest (17)
gurgling from left side of chest (17)
gurgling from lungs (11)
gurgling heart (81)
gurgling in left side chest (20)
gurgling in breast (19)
gurgling in chest left side (20)
gurgling in chest on left side (22)
gurgling in chest over heart (15)
gurgling in heart (80)
gurgling in heart area (13)
gurgling in left back (81)
gurgling in left breast (11)
gurgling in left chest (35)
gurgling in left side (59)
gurgling in left side chest (17)
gurgling in left side of chest (17)
gurgling in lung (16)
gurgling in lungs (25)
gurgling in my back (277)
gurgling in my chest left side (19)
gurgling in my left side (72)
gurgling in right back (143)
gurgling in side (164)
gurgling in the breast (19)
gurgling in the left side (73)
gurgling in the lung (16)
gurgling in the upper left side (20)
gurgling in upper left (37)
gurgling in upper right chest (14)
gurgling in your left side (25)
gurgling left chest (40)
gurgling left ribs (12)
gurgling left side (76)
gurgling left side by heart (10)
gurgling left side chest (21)
gurgling left side of chest (25)
gurgling lung (18)
gurgling lungs (28)
gurgling on left side (64)
gurgling on left side of chest (21)
gurgling on my left side (63)
gurgling on my left side what is it (41)
gurgling on the left side (64)
gurgling on the left side of the chest (21)
gurgling only on my left side (27)
gurgling ribs (41)
gurgling right side ribs (13)
gurgling side (176)
gurgling side (176)
gurgling under breast (10)
gurgling wheezing (18)
gurgling when breathing (37)
gurgling when breathing (37)
gurgling+pain in left side (55)
gym chest pains (151)

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